Ticket bleed in games

So does anyone know exactly how this is calculated or is just different map to map and favours one side more often randomly than the other?

it’s a terrible mechanic that ends games early but I don’t understand sometimes why one side will suddenly drop way more than another?

In my most recent game our team lost by over 2600 tickets! but the enemy team did very little to effect this. they killed no ai planes, bombed maybe 4 bases and killed 5 ai ground targets total.

i dropped 10 tons of bombs killing 7 bases, 12 ai on the ground, 1 in the air and 2 players and we still lost by a crazy number of tickets due to an uneven bleed rate.

it was a 2v2 that we would have won inside the 5 mins but this system is just awful for ending games early.


The replay to your match:

Replay link

I watched the replay - even without being an expert the reason for this large ticket gap is clear:

  • It looks like that all of your own ai planes committed collective suicide after ~ 5 minutes at grids F5/F6. Jump in the Kfir Canard of your team and looks at those grids.

  • As a result your ticket lead changed to a ticket disadvantage and the enemy ai planes just increased your ticket disadvantage in the next 15 minutes - leading to a ticket defeat after ~ 20 minutes.

  • So your only chance to avoid this ticket defeat would have been killing the enemy ai planes as soon as possible in order to reduce enemy tickets and to stop your own ticket bleed as they could not longer kill your tickets.

  • Killing as sole player of your team enemy ground units whilst 5 ai planes (u killed one early) are hammering you ground ai units was not the right decision.

In any case - very nice game play and impressive score.

Have a good one!

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