Ticket bleed in air rb has to be massively overhauled

This is a disaster of a system, it cannot remain the way it is. In four seconds our remaining tickets bled out so even though the last remaining enemy died between the start of the ticket bleed and the end of the match, the game ended as a loss. I feel robbed.


Kill the attack aircraft?

(there were no enemy attack planes left)

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There had to be, otherwise the tickets don’t drop.
What map was it?

I was mistaken, re-watching the replay, there were 2-3 enemy attackers left, which doesn’t explain losing about 500 tickets that fast.

Operation, Kursk.

Attackers can be fast, and if they kill a pillbox then there’s a lot that can be hit off.
Definitely an issue of too few tickets initially in the match I’ll at least agree with you there.

Tickets are the same and newer maps are larger than older maps.
Part of the problem is tickets are the same.

Not on all maps - Tunisia and Poland are some of the worst, where attackers can drain tickets before anyone else reaches mid map

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Its easy to explain - the 4 remaining ai Il-2 of the enemy team killed your last remaining tank (=mission objective failed).

The whole purpose of Kursk was to kill enemy tanks and defend own tanks. The enemy team killed all other ticket relevant ground units (20+ ground kills) plus all ai planes, so there were no other ticket bearing ground units left.


Imagine that you managed to play 1 vs 5 and generate a ticket lead by own actions short before the game ended. And you check the scoreboard after 25:10 minutes with a timer of 0:00 and you are happy to win again all odds - and the result screen popped up and showed:

Mission failed

I you feel robbed - i felt betrayed. I created a Bug report addressing that if the timer is at 0:00 with a ticket lead and the enemies had done nothing (as they were all at my six) it can’t be correct that the score got reduced after 0:00.

Reply: Ai action, not a bug.

For the usual smart asses: It was 4 months ago on Stalingrad- i came from the airfield behind the Volga, no ai planes on this, Map A and C-point not captured by the enemy and i killed their last base ~ 3-4 minutes before the game ended. So one enemy ai unit killed a friendly ai unit and i lost.

Ticket bleed is a blessing, I’m not going to 1v2+ your team, I will just run and take the ground targets until you’re out of tickets