Thoughs on what will be the next event vehicle?


I want to open this discussion about what’s the next event vehicle that we’ll see probably by the end of April Fool’s event.

For me, I have a specific Russian model but since the first one in the new event cycle was from USSR tech tree, it doesn’t seems like the next will be also Russian.

It better not be a Russian/Soviet vehicle. I will actively avoid grinding for it. In general they should use this opportunity to herd people to play lesser played trees. Any vehicle for France, China or Israel would be welcome, and give a reason for the player base to play them more. But if I am skeptical I would say itll be either a German prototype vehicle or some American one.


You didn’t hear it from me, but I believe it was leaked that the next event vehicle is a Chinese tank.


I hope so, considering they really did China dirty by giving a Soviet vehicle during a chinese dragon themed event.


would love to see the WZ-111

France’s would be 7.7 or less in BR.
Israel would be 9.3 or less in BR.
China could have a 10.0 vehicle, but eh.

Something for JP and Italy tech tree mid to high tier would be nice.

Imho the next “free” event vehicle (aircraft ~ Rank 50) will be just another plane optimized for CAS duties. The last “free” non-CAS aircraft im remember was the Bv 155…

I would love to see some low tier WWII stuff, too…

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russian ship :)))))0

maybe its br is a little to high

Mirage 2000C-4, the most OP event vehicle ever given to us, and it’s so cheap it’s hilarious.

I’m hoping something that’s not top tier. Hopefully something between 6.7 and 8.0. I also hope it’s for Israel or China

A Bob Semple

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I think we could get the Type 85II Storm. It was in Olivia’s leaklist.

probably something with “ZTZ” in the name

Chinese Type 59 JAGUAR, please.

Jaguar MBT


Grinding 40,000 to 45,000 points for a WW2 vehicle is kinda bad, I mean, if it’s a late WW2 or something we wouldn’t expect to have in game would be nice, but this era is kinda limited and at least for me I don’t have a single idea what could be.

I would love to have some chinese MBT, specially those '70s tanks, they’re so cool looking.


And this, even if it’s a MBT, it feels like work as a light tank.

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They said the amount of points needed to be grinded would change with the BR/Rank of the vehicle. I doubt if it’s a WW2 vehicle it’ll be more than like 35,000. Unless the 45,000 was lower than the normal one