This Leopard 1 SPAA with almost 100mm pen at 5.0?

This is rediculous, especially when compared to other SPAAs with that pen values and speed.


Considering that the EBR is a light tank at 5.3 with a 75mm with 100mm penetration the Leopard 40/70 is indeed ridiculous at 5.0.

Not only does it have insane firepower with the ability to shoot 20 rounds before the EBR has shot a second time, you also get the best mobility of any vehicle in that BR range. Not to mention the insane fast traverse speed, due to it’s AA nature.

The amount of damage it can inflict while it can also be played much more aggressive because of that autocannon is just absurd.

Sure, 5.0 fits for AA ability but with a 100% AP belt, it is way too effective in taking out vehicles.

It’s also way harder to destroy than any tank because it conviently has merely 8mm of armor on top, meaning APHE fill just pass through, without taking out the vehicle while offering good protection from light machine guns. If APHE hits the hull, it might not even kill the driver and solid shot guns are just screwed from the start.

If it ever fired VT ammo, it should get it and be moved to that BR which is fitting to the increased AA ability.


It is fine at 5.0 because you can kill 4 of 5 crew members with the mg. Try to press the space bar the next time.


Actually stronger than BTR80 which is at 7.3

  • better engine (slightly lower maximum speed, noticeably higher hp/ton ratio)
  • better armor with the exception of the turret
  • better gearbox
  • has tracks instead of wheels
  • higher penetration on APT than BTR’s APDS though lower effective range

Italian bias?


AMX-13 DCA is 4.3.

You get the same cannon at like 2.0 on trucks and 2.7 on tracked and reasonably mobile chassis.

The Leopard 40/70 brings some nice characteristics, but its not unique and its just people bringing the 40mm bofors and using it offensively. In that regard it is nothing special compared to a lot of 40mm bofors spaa


For once, yes.

There is no Bias, the 40mm bofors is the same with identical shells on the french AMX, the turret is even weaker without any kind of protection, the hull vehicle is good and this is why it’s in an higher BR than the french one. But asking to rise it over is just whining and complaining because is not in the nation that you all are main to use.
For my standards 5.0 is the maximum BR that make this vehicle enjoyable and useable. At an higher BR it would encounter super heavy tanks that can’t be even scratched by it and too much fast planes to shoot, it would be useless at all.

Just a tip, don’t try to ruin another vehicle that is nice for this nation, it has already been done several times and too many vehicles were been killed by this complains making Italy one of the worst and hard nation to play with.


I know, I was just joking.

AMX-13 DCA has the same cannon with the same penetration and is at BR 4.3.
Learn to use machine guns, the Italian vehicle is perfectly balanced at BR 5.0

It’s not as mobile and is an easy one shot by every 75mm APHE when you hit the turret.

The AMX-13 DCA has 6.8 kph reverse speed compared to the Leopards 25 kph. You can reverse 50m and would still be faster than most Rank III and IV mediums going forward because of the much better acceleration.


No you don’t. You get the L60 Bofors which not only has lower RPM (exactly half) has also much lower muzzle velocity and penetration when compared to the L70 Bofors that the Leopard 70/40 has.


Oh no, a slightly worse cannon with a much more manageable rate of fire at less than half the BR.

Yep, it brings some nice perks over the DCA. Which is why its a higher BR.

But it is by no means special, and arguably worse in its tank killing capacity that some 2.7 spaa which basically noone complain about…

And if you want to one-shot spaa. Bring HE. As some people would say, allways bring HE.


And press space bar.


The other ones just suck at being SPAA. The Leopard 40/70 is both good at shooting planes but also way more effective to kill vehicles than higher BR vehicles.

The L-62 has 21°/s traverse speed. That’s pretty good for a low BR tank but for an SPAA it’s aweful.
It’s in essence a light tank with good firepower.

If it wasn’t for the unrealistic SAP-HE damage, they wouldn’t even be worth using.

Unlike the Leopard 40/70 which works because it’s a super effective vehicle.

That only works when:

  1. You have time to load an HE round
  2. Won’t get disabled before you can load HE

The Leopard 40/70 can choose engagements because it’s like the most mobile vehicle at that BR, that also can destroy nearly every target with ease or disable them before they can react.


And thats what the machine guns are for. And that is also the policy you follow for most bofors spaa.

And so can the Anti-II, the 2.0 french truck, the DCA, the 2.7 Swedish truck.

Like yes its good, its just not very unique when multiple vehicles at a lower BR can do the same thing.

Honestly they are fine. They arent amazing spaa, but once you get used to the velocity which is excellent they are great.

Like if you were gonna critize that vehicle as a spaa, you would point to the extremely lackluster amount of ammo it has. its traverse rate is perfectly workable.

Honestly less effective compared to some 40mm spaa as it doesn’t SAP-HE which is what makes bringing the 2.7 swedish things into 11.7 by accident work just fine.

I have spent far too much time clubbing in 40mm spaa vehicles, and the leopard is as far as i have seen not that special in that regard.

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I also don’t get why alot nations get so much pen at their SPAAs at rather low BRs. 90-100mm is insanely high, like other nation 7-8.0 BR level. While others like Ger have like 50mm pen, which isn’t even sufficient to pen the side of most tanks. Its just supermeh to face DCA’s, Leopard 1 chassis’ vs. lol WW2 stuff with 50mm pen, which doesn’t even have half the speed.

There’s like one Leopard 40/70 at least in every match now. Always rushing like double speed than everyone else, scoring kill after kill. This is lame. This is a almost a Falcon.


Well, the only thing that SPAA need to be good at is killing planes.
Generally they also are a good counter to light tanks, since they generally can be killed quite easily with a barrage of shells, even from some range.

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It will move next update you see.5.7. Odd thing is it’s pretty useless as CAS

An M42 with much more ammo would have been better at around 4.7_5.0. and more in keeping with the WW2 meta. There are other options which are earlier cold war.

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The Leopard SPAA alongside the R3 SPAA should be moved up a br or 2 so we can make more space for more Italian SPAA that is more BR appropriate like the M113 or C13 or another Italian APC with the 20mm akin to the SUB I-II & AMX-10P


So far I’m loving this genre of addition with modern/Cold War era SPAAGs making their way to low-mid bracket BRs and annihilating WW2 CAS planes and light and medium tanks alike. It’s hilariously fun and useful in other support roles. These kinds of vehicles are easy to balance because they usually have little to no armour protection in trade for superior mobility, turret and gun elevation speed, RoF over their WW2 era vehicles they can usually face at these BRs.

In this case for the Leopard 40/70, it’s a perfectly fine vehicle in my book at its current BR.

Can’t wait for something like a Humvee armed with a 25mm Bushmaster autocannon with APDS belts running rampant around at like 4.7-5.0 BR. >:) (sarcasm intended)