This is what Russia should look like in the low levels

Over the years they have increased several vehicles of different nations by removing them from the Reserves such as the M13/40, but Russia has remained unchanged, with this change the game would be much more balanced.

BT-5 is the same BR as M2A4, Pz III E, A13, Tetrarch, M8 LAC, AMD35, Strv m/38 all equivalents really. M2A4 and A13 having superior turret drives. AMD35 being an armored car instead.
BT-7 is a BT-5 with a different turret and tracks.
BT-5 and 7 are honestly fine where they are. They are easily dealt with as the Swedish reserves are, and they cannot deal with many 2.3s.

This is not true, there are players who use them to get god mode, others use them at BR 2.0, because they know very well that they perform well even in that BR… This has been confirmed by several competitive players like OddBawZ… I however realise they have no armour, but that doesn’t matter as they are pretty fast, and this measly BR change won’t hurt them at all, in fact it would improve the balance of the game.

BT-5 and 7 have the same penetration as a Turan I… Thanks to their cannon with high penetration they can damage several vehicles.

M3 gmc has same penetration as jumbo 75. So by your logic m3 must be on 5.7?

And i cannot imagine how anyone could even cry about reseves. Reserves, Carl.

I’ve used Sweden’s 1.0 to get God Mode against a Leopard 2A4.
That doesn’t mean anything.
Their turret drives are bad, unlike Turan 1’s, and of course lack armor with rather loud engines.
Keep and eye and ear out and those tanks aren’t much to deal with.

Useless comment… If you knew a bit of warthunder history you would have avoided writing this nonsense… The Germans and Russians complained so much about italy until they moved M13/40 to higher BR, first it was a reserve now it’s not.

Another absurd comment… If you have to make a comparison do it with tanks that have the same cannon, like I did… I used the cannon of the Turan I which is a 40mm while the cannons of the BT-5 and 7 have a larger cannon a 45mm… I would say my comparison fits the bill, yours is simply delusional.

I wasn’t doing a comparison of all their stats on the tanks I mentioned, but only their cannons and the penetration capacity of their shells.

I don’t understand why you are so bothered by such a small shift in BR, these vehicles would not even be damaged by this small change.

Move the swedish tanks up first. They got reserve with 115mm of pen.

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BT-5 and BT-7 need to be 12.7 so i can bring them along with my 2S38 which should be 13.7.

I agree with you that Swedish wagons that have APDS should be moved to BR 1.3 or 1.7 since they have the highest penetration capacity… it is a bit crazy to keep them as reserve vehicles.

The problem is that Sweden is a new nation, it’s obvious that Gaijin did it to attract new players for that nation, then later adjust the situation, while Russia has not changed the situation for quite a while, although it’s clear that it should be adjusted and balanced as I suggested in my mainpost.