Thinking about getting into air sim. Is the P38 or P63 for hunting bombers beginner friendly with MKB?


I’ve been thinking of maybe giving air sim a try. I have some MKB flight sim experience, but never in a combat game or with propeller planes (concorde my beloved).

I imagine trying to hunt bombers may be useful to the team and their big planes are easier to target.

So I wonder, would learning to fly live with a cobra or a lightning be a good idea? Or should I do what that video said and fly a b26.

Howdy! I asked a similar question kinda wondering about what planes would be good for people staring sim. I was told that the 38 was pretty good for beginners because you don’t have to worry about torque as much as a single engine plane. But then again I’m also a new by at sim in general and you’ve played at least another sim game. Here’s the link to that thread I mentioned. Hope this helps :)

Thank you! And yeah, the torque is pretty new to me from the testflight. Trimming is at least fairly automatic here.

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P-38->Ment for high alts, P-63 was more of a ground attack rather than a Bomber Hunter though was designed for that in mind.

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Try out the P-40E, it’s really good, P-38 is okay, good cockpit view, same as Airacobra.

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I don’t suggest using MKB personally, I know that’s not the topic but I suggest anybody who doesn’t have a full setup for sim to simply use a PS4/5 or Xbox 360/One controller as that is very competitive and a cheap option you probably have laying around anyway


P-63? Ground attack? ???

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“One of the enduring myths regarding the P-39/P-63 in Soviet use is that because of its armament, in particular the 37mm nose cannon, it excelled as a ground-attack aircraft, even a ‘tank buster’. In translating and preparing this manuscript for publication, I have had the opportunity to peruse several Russian-language sources. Mentions of the employment of this aircraft in the ground-attack role are so rare in these sources as to be exceptional … The ‘tank buster’ myth has its roots in the misunderstanding of the general wartime role of the Red Air Force and in the imprecise translation of specific Russian-Language terms that describe this role. The specific Russian-Language term most often used to describe the mission and role of the Airacobra-equipped Red Air Force fighter units, in this manuscript and other Russian-language sources, is prikrytiye sukhoputnykh voysk [coverage of ground forces]… Frequent misunderstanding in this country as to the combat role of the P-39 in Soviet use is based in part on imprecise translation of the term prikrytiye sukhoputnykh voysk to ‘ground support’. The latter term as it is understood by many Western military historians and readers, suggests the attacking of ground targets in support of ground troops, also called ‘close air support’. Did a Soviet Airacobra pilot ever strafe a German tank? Undoubtedly. But this was never a primary mission or strong suit for this aircraft.”

— Soviet Army Colonel Dmitry Loza, Commanding the Red Army’s Sherman Tanks: The World War II Memoirs of Hero of the Soviet Union, Dmitriy Loza, Loza and Gebhardt 2002, pp. 15–16.

Gonna quote Wikipedia on this since it isn’t BS. Soviets loved the the P-63 and P-39’s.
I should have clarified myself better next time. But the point still stands that some did use it for Close Air Support. However, it wasn’t a priority.

Yeah… the same as any other plane like p-51 strafing a tank. Your own source contradicts you and says it was never a role it fulfilled. Both P-39 and P-63 are purely and only fighters/interceptors.

No shit Sherlock, I surely didn’t correct myself at the bottom. Thanks for pointing it out even more. However, they didn’t state outright that the crafts didn’t do it. They only stated that it wasn’t often a mission needed. So it implied that it did occur. Just not often. Prob for several reasons.

This looks like you were still acting like it was a CAS plane.

Read the bottom.
“I should have clarified myself better next time. But the point still stands that some did use it for Close Air Support. However, it wasn’t a priority.” I corrected myself once i read it further in.

First: Welcome to SIM.

Second: Attacking bombers is always useful as bombing bleeds the most tickets.

Both planes will be ok for that, so just try both.
When you can shoot down the allied planes in the test flight, bombers should be possible too.

Just remember to never attack them from behind!

I know it’s tempting to pull and follow them, but do not stay behind them! They have plenty of ammo and will shoot thousands of bullets at you, while you are an easy target in that position.

Best strategy is to attack from the front, or if not possible, in a dive from the side. Fast in, fast out, repeat.
Take your time, climb, position yourself and then dive on him.

Lol thanks man, but this is @RunaDacino’s thread so welcome him too.

Also don’t worry I’m stupid, but not stupid enough to fly behind a bomber.

See ya in the sky’s :)

Oh, clicked the wrong reply button.

But I see more than enough people still doing exactly this, so you can’t say it often enough:
Don’t fly behind bombers 🤓

Lol it’s all good mate :)

Lol gotcha 😂

Ended up going with p51-C1 for BR reasons from available maps. The canopy is painfully full of blindspots, I lost so many bombers to it…

But! Otherwise it handles nicely, recommend to others. Even managed to snag a kill from a teammate’s 6 with it.

It’s fun.