They really increased m18 br

Yeah. Also APCR likes to shatter or do other weird things, at least for me. I only bring it for select guns, like the US 75

Can’t forget that. The Tiger II (H)s have track armor on the side of the turret, specially the SLa.16.

This can shatter APCR, as it makes tungsten carbide cored projectiles lose extra penetration, on top of being 15 mm RHA equivalent.

So why bother with M93 when it doesn’t actually make you capable of penetrating stuff you couldn’t penetrate before, and can even make it harder to penetrate stuff you already could penetrate with M62?

Yeah. I find that APCR is more likely to shatter/non pen things it should than APDS

As far as I can tell, shattering depends also on penetration.

APCR has a really bad calculator compared to APDS, so most APDS rounds of the same rough caliber, weight and speed just outmatch APCR. So it makes sense that APDS wouldn’t shatter as much.

Also gen 2 APDS just has better shattering characteristics, and gen 3 in theory has none at all.

Ahh okay

What does the Cent mk.2 have? That’s the main tank I play that uses APDS

Gen 1.

Edit: Sorry my bad, I for some reason associated the Mk.2 with the generation.

Oh okay. I get very little shattering with it. I think I’ve only shattered 1 time in the last few weeks I’ve played it. Granted I’m not shooting at extreme angles like some people do, then you know, come and complain here…

Anyways, we’re off topic now lets bring it back on track