These new map changes are traggic

Normandy although a little bad is way worse now

Fields of poland is now also way worse

Stop trying to make everything head on fights in near cqb


American desert … flat …


That map is the encapsulation of what I find exasperating about the map changes.

I’ve always hated American Desert. It’s visually uninteresting, extremely cramped, with engagement ranges that would be suited to Rank I and would start to get seriously cramped by Rank 3. No elevation changes, lots of peekaboo knife fights, the usual boring urban shit.

But at least, at least you had a way to escape all of that by diving down north of A and seeing if you could flank.

Now, not even that. It’s like Gaijin is spelling out “you WILL have frontal engagements at point blank range and you WILL enjoy it”. Beatings will improve until morale continues, and all that.


They are forcing more and more to play as if it were the counter strike. The truth is that this game is already a shame, how extremely bad decisions are making the game fall into disgrace, I honestly don’t know what the others are thinking. The game started with the theme that it was a realistic game, and in each update they are throwing the little realism that the game has in the trash, now it is the turn of the maps, when the game should have maps of at least 4km x 4km, well No, smaller and smaller, and we must keep in mind that tanks are not infantry.


Sad part is they didnt even fix spawn camping they just made it a head first engagements because people couldnt attempt to counter the few good sniping spots


sometimes I think those map changes doesn’t change anything … people will drive blind directly to cap and die …

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Just straight up leave the game when I get one of these dumb maps, its like theyre removing long range combat more and more.


Map changes should reverted asap.


Careful youll get another vodka fueled threat.

In my opinion, it is where the sniper spots are. I mean this is a vehicle game, not an anthropomorphic vehicle game, so climbing hills that tanks cannot climb, or working into invisible positions that tanks and vehicles never would be able to fit are changes that Gaijin needs to make by eliminating those spots. I completely understand that some players want to get every advantage they can, but a Tiger tank cannot climb a 70 degree grade over rocks and perch in a cup shaped ditch at the top of a hill and snipe. That is just comic. Sniping should be long distance on more open maps, where you can hide behind undulations in the ground.

Tanks in WT are already way worse at climbing slopes than their real-life counterparts, to the point of comedy - if tanks were so bad over uneven terrain IRL, they’d be near useless. Of course compared to reality, we get mobility advantages in other ways: no mud to get stuck in, no random throwing of tracks, no need to be delicate with the suspension, ability to use max RPM for turret rotation and throttle simultaneously… but those stay the same whether you’re on flat ground or up on the mountains.

Traction, on the other hand, has already been nerfed into oblivion. And no, Tigers can’t climb a 70 degree slope in game. The only ones that can sometimes glitch out that way are light vehicles. Man, just look at the spots that were removed: on 38th Parallel, the sniping spots were on the road you drive through out of spawn and required no climbing whatsoever. The old C church in Normandy, while problematic for balance, was a modest climb that tanks could and did negotiate IRL. As for American Desert, the spot removed was not elevated but depressed.

Besides, citing realism as a reason for removing sniping spots is a terrible idea. You may not realise this, but tanks entering Sun City or the Alaska town with no infantry support, to slug it out point-blank by corner peeking, is just as ridiculous as the “70 degree climb, rock perching” Tiger imagery you’ve employed. It is just as immersion-breaking.

This isn’t about realism, it’s about game balance. Vehicles that benefit from long range engagement are at a constant disadvantage in WT. The mission types require you to get close and personal, the maps require you to get close and personal, and when you do find a spot that allows you to avoid the lemming train, it’s inevitably removed after a few months, meaning that you need to get up close and personal.


Most modern tanks should be able to climb 60 degree slopes

I believe the easiest way to “fix” spawn camping would be emplacements around the spawns and bigger maps, it’s not like emplacements have never been used before, world war mode had them

What did you expect ?
Their map design philosophy is basically to make three funnels on the map and force everyone to use same, boring, predetermined routes every game. Anything that falls out of that is getting “fixed”.
Have yet to see a good map update.


I completely agree about mobility issues. Vehicles that fall from heights without damage is just crazy comical. Non combat damage should be modeled.

I also agree about combat without infantry support. I wish there was a way to add that. But again, I agree the maps that make you get up close should be changed.

I still think there are too many places on maps where vehicles go in comical positions to snipe.

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It is already in the game.

It feels like they took X + Mozdok, used morph, and called it a day, they all look the same now, no distinct features like they had before. Typical way of making it worse, and even worse it’s not just the maps.

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These changes are the worst I’ve experienced in over 10,000 hours.


Exactly… Half the changes made the maps so flat that it’s no problem to drive 200 meters and shoot an enemy spawn…

YES!! finally someone gets it! the arelitterally making maps that make you take the same routes over and over! this game is going down hill and its sad just 2 years ago this game was imo doing great with so much potential, but now it has taken a turn for the worst!

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