Thermal sights are unusable

So I finally get a comment on my bug report. Saying it’s not a bug at all, that it’s working correctly. Wtf is wrong with this company? This is BS. They’re leaving it as is. Yet they corrected it in March when this same thing happened. He’s saying 1st Gen thermals show a lot of noise and things are bright including engine, certain parts and gun barrels etc. I have not seen a single gun barrel show up yet in white even when hot after shooting, it’s all gray except for tracks. They are ruining this game and experience. Again, what is wrong with these people?

We can’t see shit but yet it’s “not a bug”? So that means they’re deliberately screwing up thermals and leaving it now saying it’s correct. When it was total opposite all along. There was never even any mention of thermals being changed or intent to. I think they just screwed up again like in March but are just leaving it. I don’t think they care after all the stuff lately. Or it’s on purpose just like the SPAA missiles. These people are really trying to ruin their product it seems, I don’t get it.

Btw another reason I know thermals are screwed up is because when firing missiles out of the ADATS or Lav-AD, or seeing incoming missiles at me, they’re gray as well, no white now as of this week, can barely see the missiles flying now. Only with the movement of something gray and the fact that I know I fired is how I see the missile. It comes and goes. It’s inconsistent. But it’s almost always everything just gray the same color. Gaijin you are so messed up right now. I can’t believe you’re going to let this stay as is.


Here’s a video of the AMX–10RC’s thermals(Gen 1), there really should be higher contrast on a moving vehicle. Also from my own observations ingame, tracks and tires don’t heat up fast enough and lose heat too quickly.

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I put together a bug report with some video references for how it can be improved


I love how they changed thermals that no one ever complained about and even made them more unrealistic than ever.

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So thermals are permanently going to be ass now?

Funny that stationary excavators and bulldozers glow brighter than tanks

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It’s not even worth using anymore at this point, it’s more difficult to spot things in thermals than without.

Found it difficult to believe this was an active tank.



Here are what my russian thermals look like right now:





I can see just fine

I don’t know if those are any better necessarily, seems like there are various conditions where it gets worse, sunlight somehow affects it, yet hot desert sand and freezing snow is identical.

NVG’s are doing a lot better with the new lighting, and it’s balanced well enough if you don’t have them.

thermal can sometimes give a warped view on whats happening and to be honest, that’s good, otherwise those vehicles without it would be completely boned, i see it as a bit of balancing.

ive solved it with having the switch to turn in on and off on my mouse (on one of those extra thumb buttons) so i can switch it very fast when in doubt.

Night vision just seems pointless when they constantly spam the flares anyways.

I’ve stopped using thermals, it’s useless to me and rarely ever gives some sort of advantage, it’s more difficult to spot with than without.

There aren’t any flares on the maps anymore.

Then we’re just back to the old problem and the reason why flares were added in the first place, the fact that without NVG it’s pointless to even spawn in a night map.

As I said previously, it’s balanced well enough you don’t get punished for not having them. The backlight still lets you make out plenty of detail. Even with my darker settings I can make out a tank 9/10 times, and only have problems when heavy bushes or trees are involved.

Is this supposed to be a night map?