Thermal sights are unusable

In the test drive the tank would appear a lot brighter compared to the T-55 in game.

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@Miragen yes in game it appears that you have the same problem. I wonder if Gaijin uses test drive or actual gameplay to view bug reports? Because in test drive it might appear to be ok. For some.

Maybe scenery is too bright now or something so it blends in

No I believe it is the same issue as 4 months ago, the heat signature of the vehicles has been muted, because the background to me appears as it always has. Only the vehicles are darker now. I believe it is more noticeable if you use the thermals in the “white mode”, because the gray colors show how dark and similar it all can appear. The green and red are much brighter in general.

It might appear to me that with the “white mode”, the vehicles are darker, more gray like the background. In test drive as this scenario. I haven’t tried the green or red in battle yet. I’ll try it soon. But the white is definitely affected. In battle. See all of our pictures as examples.

This is great and all but alot of the pics I see are with 4K thermals. now try out the american thermals. its awful

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Actually mine are the American thermals. And I only play with the white color. That’s what I mean. Everything is gray now, no white vehicles. I really would love to hear Gaijin say that they would be fine playing with thermals like the pics I posted. This is crazy

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All my pics are Gen 1 anyways.

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a fellow sufferer xD

In this case I specifically picked them as I was comparing them, which makes more sense to compare same gen of course, but higher gen can be difficult to come by depending on the nation.
Russia magically has the most of them I believe.


I’m updating this post because even until now the issues persists and I’m encouraging everyone reading this to check for themselves and make a bug report if they’re affected. Thermals right now are literal handicaps instead of being helpful.

Here’s an allied tank without thermals. Perfectly clear right?

Here’s the same tank in thermal view, literally invisible.

Another example, without thermals.

If this was an enemy I’d never have a chance spotting that thing. I’d be dead 10 times over.

At this point It’s better uninstalling them from modifications so save SL repair costs. I felt scammed grinding and even buying the thermal imagers only for them to render me literally blind.

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The entire tank just blends into the environment, all you can see are the exhausts it seems, but some vehicles have significantly worse/better visibility which is weird.


is it only on nato tanks?

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No… Any tanks with thermals are affected regardless of resolution. However BMP’s are notorious to have lower than usual heat signature despite having the engine at the front.


Update: They’re finally fixed… Thank you snail.

@Corona_Chan69 Hi, not sure what’s going on but mine still aren’t fixed. I’ve seen 2 updates in 3 days and nothing has changed. I play on Ps4 and I noticed on your bug report you use Windows 64. I wonder if that makes a difference? If they have to make the changes for each platform if it doesn’t go through cross platform correctly? Not trying to question you but are you sure thermals are fixed on your end? I also see my bug report is still unanswered. Did they ever contact you or you just are noticing a change? I want us to be sure because knowing Gaijin if you tell them it’s fixed but it really isn’t then they’ll probably just leave it as is.

Don’t think anything has changed, no idea why he’s saying that.


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I dunno… I just seem to notice a very slight improvement in contrast but not that much. I’m reopening my bug report.

Edit: Yep it’s still broken

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