Thermal sights are unusable

Ever since the update every single tank now has the thermal signature of a tree, I don’t know if this is intended or not and I’ve already made bug reports of this. This is incredibly frustrating as I had plans on buying the premium Type 16 but seeing how thermals work now I don’t think I will anymore. Disabling the thermal sights will actually make vehicles more visible.

Can’t even guess what thank is this can you?

Note this is 3rd gen thermals

Might as well turn it off

3rd gen thermals from long range. Can you see the tank?

Can you guess how many tanks are in these picture? This is 3rd gen thermals btw.


I have wondered about this for ages, it is like all the game assets render as outputting heat, and only the ground is cold.


Thank you. I made a bug report a week ago right at the update and still not fixed. I’ve been commenting on it like crazy here on the forum even to moderators, but nothing. Not even a lot of players here talking about it. It’s almost like it’s not affecting everyone. But it’s affecting some because others are complaining about it. I can’t for the life of me understand why it isn’t fixed yet.

Although something you said reminded me of something. Not too long ago some idiots were complaining that thermals were too bright white for the vehicles and they couldn’t see enough details to pick out a spot to shoot. Like they have no idea how thermals really look. So I bet Gaijin listened to them and did this, turned it all gray to make a change. If so I can’t believe this.

But 4 months ago we had the same exact problem after an update. They messed up thermals the same way, I and others made bug reports, and it was fixed fairly quickly. That was before the geniuses complained it was too bright. So maybe this time it’s not a bug and might be on purpose? But I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere if so. Hopefully they’ll wake up and fix it soon because it’s useless. At least for some of us that are affected. Some people seem to be playing just fine at top tier.


Can you link your bug report please?

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Yes I do notice that probably not all are affected because whenever I ask during a match many say that they don’t experience it, though some confirm it.

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i have seen the differences and its harder to spot now… but i think most are not affected because for a seasoned player or veteran, he’ll still spot the tanks even now, at least that’s for me.

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Yes I agree. I can see them if I really try, but it shouldn’t be this way, they should stand out really well with thermals. I usually play with USA all the time, but yesterday I tried something. I played Germany a few games. And the thermals actually seemed better with Germany, like the problem might still be there but it’s not as bad with Germany. The vehicles were a little brighter. Not sure about other nations though. It still wasn’t how it normally was or should be. But with USA it’s absolutely terrible just like the pictures in this post by @Corona_Chan69.

Doesn’t seem different to me.




Type 10 and TK-X thermals seem to work normal

@Miragen yes yours seems correct. So I don’t know why some of us are having problems. But clearly we are. My pictures are exactly the same as @Corona_Chan69.

@maxidaxy 猫が大好き no, if you really look at yours especially the 2nd picture, you can see the tank is more gray and blends in with the background. See that 2nd tank below to the right, in the 2nd picture? It’s the same color as the rocks etc. Often it’s even worse than that. I have many screenshots. Much more darker than it used to be and is not how it should be. In battle it is almost impossible to clearly pick out enemies. I’m starting to just play without thermals it’s so bad. Can’t tell difference between the tanks and the buildings or ground and trees.

I’ve noticed in Test Drive the tanks might start out bright but then fade in brightness, so it is deceiving. But definitely in battle it is incorrect.

Seems fine in test drive, I think they’re not as bright as they used to be in the past, but they don’t change.

5 minutes later

@T_reaper_01 I played a match to check and I honestly have no idea what you mean, I can see enemys very clearly with my thermal sight

Even in test drive the tanks don’t have the thermal glow anymore compared before the last update besides the real problem starts when a a tank is beside a boulder or a house then it starts to be indistinguishable. By just using common sense there’s no way a house would have the same heat signature as an active tank.

Like in this screenshot, there’s actually 3 tanks about to snipe me.

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@maxidaxy 猫が大好き Um, you’re literally posting pictures showing the problem. Look at your 1st, 2nd and 4th pictures. They’re all gray and the same color as the background around it. How do you not see that? No they are not clearly visible. Nothing like it used to be. I don’t understand how you’re saying you don’t see the problem, it’s right here in your pics too. You see the 3rd picture of yours? With the bright white? It should be even brighter but it should be that way with every vehicle all the time.

That 1st picture if you didn’t know the shape of the turret there is no way you’d spot that especially quickly in battle. That 2nd picture, the tank is the same color as the big rock it’s in front of, blending right in. No, it is not correct. Again, not sure how you’re not seeing what you literally uploaded yourself. It’s nothing like before or how it should be.

Now if you look at the pics of the green test drive @Miragen uploaded, that looks correct. The tanks are visibly much brighter. Not sure why his is but many of us aren’t correct. Again, sometimes my test drive starts out ok but they fade to gray.

I dunno if you’re being sarcastic or not but the problem is actually in your screenshots. Try to compare the tank to the surrounding buildings they almost blend in together. This wasn’t the case before the patch.

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@Miragen yes that picture seems ok. But if you look at mine, the OPs, and @maxidaxy 猫が大好き you can clearly see something is wrong. Lol not sure about @maxidaxy 猫が大好き not seeing his has issues as well but his pictures clearly show it. Everything is the same color as the background. That is not how it should be nor has been but one time, and that was 4 months ago in March. Because it was a bug after the update and after bug reports they quickly fixed it. Not sure why this time everyone might not be affected.

@Miragen If you would do us a favor, and go into some battles and take pics of the vehicles to see if they appear like your test drive, or if they look like our pictures do? I’m thinking the in-game is different than the test drive. Although like I said even my test drive is affected too.

Varies, some clear hotspots but not from every angle visible.

This one is sketch