There needs to be an audit of all planes in Sim

So many planes are broken in various ways in Sim. Some like the Ro.44 are completely unflyable or have terrible flight models in general like the F4F/F6F/F8F and wobble all over the place like a boat in water. Many don’t have working fuel gauges. On some FW-190’s the ammo counters don’t work. Some planes don’t have working compasses and so on.

Over the years much has broken in this game mode and no one gives it attention. Bugs are posted in the reporting forum and never addressed.


Unfortunately the last time gaijin cared about details like what you describe (instruments working, small details that actually take some effort) was around maybe 2015-2017?


I can tell you exactly. 2015 - until the first week of August 2021. August 21 is actually the beginning of the end.

much worse than non-functioning cockpits is that the broken mission design is not fixed. there are so many things.
to list all these things would be too much for one post.


The sim mode as been forgotten by the devs a long time ago

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I’d be happy with a simple br reevaluation as many just don’t make sense anymore.

I second this motion and call for a vote.

Fuel Gauges is probably my biggest complaint - it’s sorta important

Also I can’t understand why we can’t get split-throttle controls - at least 2 (as most people who have HOTAS only have 2 levers for fuel) - makes flying with a bad engine pretty hit-or-miss.

And I’d like real performance data rather than the pointless stat cards which don’t really tell you much. There’s a great (but likely way out of date) one for RB but I have a feeling it isn’t a 1-for-1 match to SB performance.

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Fuel gauges that don’t work and don’t forget the dumbing down of flight models.

An alarming amount of American aircraft cannot stall or you have to force them to stall. The P-51D is famous for having a sharp stall when abused… go into test flight and yank that stick back and observe as it laaaazily rolls over. The 190A’s are hand holdy as well along with the 109’s and their magical elevators.

Even the Hurricane doesn’t fully stall, observe as you yank the stick back and it drops a wing to then magically recover!

Also fix your damage model and stop appeasing the RB crowd. Some weapons are weaker than others its time to stop pandering. Seeing Shvak’s 1 tap wings off and even Breda’s ripping P-47 apart is insultingly bad. Last night I killed an Italian P-47 with my Mk V Spitfire by setting him on fire with a tiny burst of my machine guns probably around 400m away from his 6. I genuinely felt bad for the guy.

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Step 1:
Add unfinished content.

Step 2:
Add even more unfinished content.

Step 3:
Fire anyone who proposes to increase staff.

Step 4:
Add more unfinished content.

Step 5:


yes the next update should be a pure update just to fix bugs. and improve things massively without adding new content. and for once a long SIM changelog

…Sim can still be a lot of fun.

for example, the last bombing mission was a lot of fun. even though I actually like WW2 in WT better.

here I fill up chaff before they are stowed in the airplane container.

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You solved the mathematical Gaijin equation at the first attempt


Step 5:
Sell more unfinished content.

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