There is something i really dont understand about fox 3

So i’ve just unlocked r77 on my MiG-29 and i really prefer r27er for now. As i understand fox 3 are basicaly radar missils who can do self guidance at about 16km from the target seems good on paper but when i play them well that doesn’t go well at all. Little situation i got last time i’ve tried them, an F-15 coming straight at me, he’s at like 5000m, i’m at like 5m from the ground, i lock him and wait till he’s at like 20km from me, he launch his fox 3 i launch mine, he doesn’t deploy chaff, he doesn’t do anything to dodge my missil he just continue to fly straight and i deploy some chaff while doing some dodging while i keep flying low. He’s missil touch me and mine go idk where but not on him. I really dont understand what i’m doing wrong.

He has got 5km alt advantage, so you missile probably does not have enough energy to reach him, while his is flying “downhill” and has plenty of potential energy?

But even with plane that plane that fly at 1000-2000m it touch like 1 time out of 10

I would use the sensor view in reply to figure it out.

Perhaps it might be that he continues to feed his missile with actual data though datalink, but your missile is flying on its own, because you are evading and not maintaining radar lock?

Oh ye didn’t think of checking the replay, i’ll try checkithat when I get home

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R-77’s have horrendously bad energy at the moment, and are highly unreliable beyond its 16km lock range unless you’re at high altitude. Though the altitude doesn’t gain that much extra range.

Likely its running out of energy long before reaching the 20km enemy.

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