CANT Z511 Idrogigante

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Description: The CANT Z511 was an Italian all-metal floatplane of gigantic proportion. It’s history started back to’ 1937, when the civil company Ala Littoria asked for a new airline capable of reaching very far destinations like South America without any intermediate stage. The Cantieri dell’ Adriatico Riuniti (CANT) accepted the request and started working on a new aircraft to satisfy the requirement. The legendary engineer Filippo Zappata started to project what would be the biggest floatplane ever made. By 1939, the first prototype was almost ready, with only one missing part: the engines. The first choice was the Alfa Romeo 135 with a max of 1600 hp, but it was affected by reliability problems. The second car was the American-made Wright R2600 Twin Cyclone with the same horsepower, and it was more reliable. But due to the lack of good relations between Italy and the USA, the company was not able to secure the contract. The last coiche and the definitive one was the Piaggio P.XII RC.35. With a less powerful 1500 hp, it was more reliable compared to the Alfa Romeo 135, even if not at the level of the Twin Ciclone. Due to these delays in deciding the engine, the aircraft flew for the first time only in October 1940. During the first flight, the aircraft was piloted by Mario Stoppani. The engineer who designed it,Filippo Zappata, was also on board. But unfortunatly , the aircraft had severe problems with the ailerons, so it had very big problems with the strong amount of wind that was present that day. Thanks to the skilled pilot, the aircraft was able to return safely to the lake where it took off. Zappata started immediately to resolve this problem by replacing the elastic bulleys that caused the problem with rigid rods. The operation required three months. The aircraft continued to do flight tests to prove its performance, and one time it was able to land in the sea with waves reaching 1.82 meters high and a wind speed of 40 knots. The aircraft had no problem landing in those adverse conditions, and It was also able to take off again. Zappata was sure that the aircraft would probably collapse and the floats would be destroyed by the stress, but the aircraft proved to be extremely robust and to have a perfect structural build. The various test on aircraft resulted in success, but at the time, in late 1942, the interest in civilian aircraft was no longer present. Various military variants of the aircraft were projected, with the most notable one being the maritime patrol/bomber version. This version was capable of carrying a total of 4000 kg of bombs, 4x 450 mm torpedoes, or 4x 533 mm torpedoes. This is by far the biggest amount torpedo carried by any aircraft in history. With this amount of torps, it could equal the same capability as a 1920 destroyer. It’s defensive armament was composed of a total of 10x 12.7 mm Breda safat machineguns or 10x 20 mm Scotti cannons (the same as the M42 Contraereo in game). Thanks to this defensive armament it could be one of the most well defended aircraft of the entire war. It was also capable of carrying one MAS torpedo boat or a Caproni CB midget submarine and It was able to carry a total of four man-guided torpedoes (the same that sank the two British battleships in Alexandria). This last configuration was accepted to be used against the American fleet in the port of New York. The plan was to land in the sea outside the range of radar on the American coast and then drop 4 maiale. The plan gained a lot of interest, and it was possible, thanks to the enormous range of the aircraft; however, the aircraft were attacked by allied aircraft in the lake (the aircraft, even if receiving a good quantity of damage, stayed afloat, proving again the incredible and very robust structure of the aircraft). The aircraft were transferred to Vigna di Valle for repair; however, the Armistice of September 8 1943, destroyed every Italian plan and project like this one. The fate of the two prototypes is pretty sad since the first one was destroyed at Vigna di Valle by the Italian workers to prevent it from falling into German hands, while the second one, which was never actually finished (82% of the construction), was demolished by the Germans for the steel.

Why it should be in the game: Since it is the same situation of the BV238 alredy in game this one could be both a premium or a tt one. It will be a perceft addition to Italy since it will be extremly well defended and very well armored and it will also allow to carry a lot of can be also used to implement new features: for example the aircraft could carry one MAS or one midget submarine they can be used as a “payload” during a naval battle. The Cant Z511 could land in a point of the battlefield and release the new unit. then the player could take the control of the new unit and switch it with the normal aircraft when it want.



Crew: 6 + 10 (defensive armour crew)
Length: 28.5m (93ft 6in)
Wingspan: 39.86 m (130 ft 9 in)
Height: 11 m (36 ft 1 in)
Wing area: 195 m2 (2,100 sq ft)
Curb weight: 20,692 kg (45,618 lb)
Gross weight: 34,200 kg (75,398 lbs)
Powerplant: 4 × Piaggio P.XII RC.35 air-cooled radial piston engines, 1,100 kW (1,500 hp) each
Maximum speed: 424 km/h (263 mph, 229 kn)
Cruising speed: 330 km/h (210 mph, 180 kn)
Range: 4,352 km (2,704 mi, 2,350 nmi)
Service ceiling: 24,770 ft (7,550 m)
Rate of climb: 4.16 m/s (819 ft/min)



10 × 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns.
10x 20 mm Cannone-Mitragliera da 20/77 (Scotti) in beam position, two upper turrets and belly position.
4 × 450 mm Torpedo
4x 533 mm Torpedo
4,000 kg (8,800 lb) of bomb load in an internal bomb bay and mounted on fixed points on the outer wing
Special lodouts:
1x Caproni CB midget submarine
1x MAS torpedo boat
4x Maiale Human guided torpedo



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CANT Z.511







A draw for rapresent how big the aircraft was, a B17 was around the same leght of a float of this aircraft


Kind of looks like a Condor with pontoons.
+1 from me though, Italy is in dire need of more bombers.


+1 looks cool

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Holy crab apples! This thing is crazy! Ten 12.7mm or 20mm cannons? That’s practically a gunship! The four torpedoes would make it a beast in naval too. +1 to this absolute unit of a bomber, especially if we get the 20mm guns. Perhaps they could be two versions, like an early and late model, and be foldered?


or they could make it start with 12.7 mm and the 20 as a modification, altought it will be probably a premium since it is in the same situation as the BV238


I cry for more floating planes yes sir!
And would it possible for us to have a separate game mode for these babies?


This would probably be the best bomber Italy can currently get (maybe the p.133 or cs.11). Definitely +1


This beauty even as unarmored version will be on level with G8N and B17 bombers durability, bombload and firepower only being noticeably slower.

Gajin propably won’t add fully armed version, rather 12.7mm version and hybrid of 12.7mm with tail and meybe dorsal turrets armed in 20mm

With P.133 and CANT.Z 1018 they can expand Italian bomber line to 5.0, and I hope for rest of bomber floatplanes to be added to game.

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+1 of course.

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Would be very cool, only problem i have is we don’t know armaments and bomb bay placement i think (?)

The placement of the weapons are known, and even with BV238 there was the same problem, and yet it was added a lot of times ago.

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Is there a source? You know, for the BV238 there were drawings establishing wich turrets or machineguns models were to be used and where they’d go. As of the Z511 there seems to be nothing, so the devs would have to “guess” the turrets and their placement, wich is simply impossible. I don’t want to be the party pooper, but as much as i’d love to see this beauty in game it seems too far-fetched to be possible

The documents clearly states the position of the various weapons (belly, frontal, dorsal ecc) and same goes for the bombs.

(as you can see here is not that difficoult to read the infos and combine them with the aircraft)

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+1 Beautiful design!

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(God that looks so ugly/cursed lol) Btw nice to see, didn’t see those schematics in the “Pictures” section, maybe it’d be useful if you’d add them there so people could see what i’d looked like in the bomber config (since it’d be the one eventually added in game)

Ok I Will add them

+1 THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDED, its too cool to not be, i want to play it


+1, would be great as a TT vehicle. It’s a shame that the Italians are missing all their seaplanes, and this would also fill out a role that it missing in the Italian tree.


It’s a prototype but it would fit in the game…
There are different weapon specs…
First prototype 5* 7.7 mm Breda SAFAT,
then 10* 12.7 mm - on both sides of the hull, two upper turrets and a lower firing position
and finally 20 mm cannons - a tower in the bow and more machine guns (caliber unknown) in the rear (the upper part of the fuselage and the tail of the plane …)
So armed transport/patrol bombers would be interesting…
It would require relevant, factory plans and projects …

My dream is BV 222C-09 … :-)))

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In order to use flying boats and seaplanes, there are a few things that are generally missing…
Ships on ARB maps - okay, it is possible to say, play WT NAVY … the problem is that in the navy of the game, airplanes are an additional component of the game, and slow-flying machines are immediately swept away by the brutal fire of automatic AAA on ships that operate on a small of space … For WT NAVY, it is suitable for fast diving and wildly maneuvering aircraft and even then it is not a guarantee of success, in ground battles the pilots are downright - hunting sitting turkeys…
For flying boats, and I would say for most torpedo planes, armed merchant ships or auxiliary cruisers would be suitable…

In the picture, you can see the types of armed traders …
A - anti-aircraft ship (old merchant ship)
B - a modern cargo ship with a seaplane catapult
C- tender or repair ship’
D- blockade runner/sperbrecher
E- escort trawler
F- supply ship, tanker
G- transport and cargo ship
H- fishing trawler

The reward for destruction would be the same as for an AI plane, most torpedo planes can carry 1 torpedo, some two…
An ideal target for these aircraft, it would be a low-rated target for others…
Other targets could be military port facilities, refineries, etc.

And the second problem is … the famous landing on floats on solid ground …
On almost every map there is a river, or a lake, where it would be enough to put, near the mother airport, one textured building, one imitation crane, a hint of a pier and a software function of repair and rearm, and it’s amazing …
Gaijin installs such intelligent technologies on high tiers and not this?
Always landing floatplanes on solid ground is so ridiculous and embarrassing… in this game which is available worldwide…