The XM1069 needs to drop down in BR

I think the whole SPAA in the US line up needs adjusted. The m247 should go down to 8.3, the Chaparral should go to 8.7, the LAV-AD goes down to 9.3, The XM 975 goes to 10 and the Xm1069 goes to 10.7.

There is no way that the XM1069 is on the same level as the Pantsir

Why are you comparing a tank destroyer to an SPAA?



No. It is the best SPAAG in that BR range.

No, it shouldnt.

No, its fine on 10.0

But there is

The Chaparral should stay at its Br. A smokeless motor and all aspect missile is highly effective despite not having a fumble limit. (Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it also has IRCCM).
The LAV-AD also needs more G’s and it would be effective. But gaijn are a bunch of idiots who are Literally being russian biased by comparing Russian manpads to nato ones. Perhaps it should go down, but it has multi-role capabilities so perhaps it’s fine where it is.
The M247 might need to go down, but from my experience it’s decent enough, even though it suffers without having any proxy rounds…
The XM1069 should stay where it is due to its ability to take on a variety of threats while having a decent little bit of armor. Although a new SPAA with the Pantsir-S1 range is definitely needed.

It has proxy, lol

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When you don’t have the proxy rounds. When you’re stock.

Well, stock is stock.

My post I made on how to fix the ADATS is two things. The first is making the missile launchers separate instead of one big rack. It’s stupid having to reload all of you missiles at once instead of one at a time.
The second is making the missiles less spasticated so it can actually hit things at ranges past 20ft.

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Yes it should. Chaparral isnt worthy of 9.3 BR

if the adats would go to 10.7 acording to you where would the otomatic go

So i guess all Manpads can be lowered too?

US Chaparral doesnt have Manpad missiles

Yes, it has AIM-9. Still it works quite the same as ingame manpads (strela, santal, type 93). So Chaparral is their equivalent. Again, why it should be lowered and why only it?

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Here’s my take on the ADATS

You clearly havent used it. It has AIM-9D seeker which doesn’t have any flare resistance unlike manpads. One flare is enough for it. I think you are thinking about the Israeli Chaparral which gets Stinger seeker.
Also it’s not agile like a manpads missile.

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Also it struggles to hit close targets and it cannot hit targets in front aspect. US chaparral has a weird aiming reticle which makes it even harder to use.

It is more agile than most manpads…

It’s way heavier and that 16g overload does nothing

Yes, but it trades of slightly worse agility (not that huge difference) for HUGE advantage in damage it deals

Yep. And there isnt many planes with flares at 9.3-9.7 at all.

same for other 9.3 SAMs. Type 93 have pretty much the same problem