The XM1069 needs to drop down in BR

People dont bring flareless planes in grb. Things like Hunter and Su7s are a big threat for it.

Except they bring, lol.

It should be moved to 9.0

That’s their fault

You clearly haven’t used it. Otherwise you would have realised that it isnt as good as it seems on stat card.

So? And yes, there arent much planes with flares at 9.3 to begin with. Specially planes with CAS abilities.

Its is good enough to not be lowered to 9.0 or to 8.7

US 9.3 is BR always gets uptiered to 10.3 so it always faces things like Su25

Have you used it?

Not always. So not a reason.

Yep. Not to much, but it isnt some trash garbage.

It is garbage. Those rear aspect missiles are useless against a low flying jet. Even the MIM-72E isnt that good.
I will always prefer M247 over this garbage.

No it is not. M247 just OP overall. End.

lol no

Yes. Undoubtebly the best SPAAG (it and VEAK 40)

Gepard is way OP at it’s BR. It can deal with both ground and air targets.

No, its not. Gepard-esque SPAAGs worse, than m247 in their AA role (lack of proxys). Yep, gepard-esques are better at dealing with ground targets (we will not coun overpressure sheneningans, that can occure with m247).

Gepard doesnt have any equivalent at it’s BR. Things like M163 is way worse than it.

Marksman, Type 87…

It has been nerfed. It cant overpressure any MBT reliably.