The "Air Defence" and "Anti-Tank" System discussion

After playing with the ADATS (M113) I have figured out that it is barely an Air Defence or Anti-Tank system.

  1. The chassis. It’s a M113 I’m not sure what you were expecting: underpowered, underarmoured.
  2. The Turret. -4° is terrible and limits your ability to use cover (are we sure this is right? It seems like it could go further), The missiles do too much damage when in the launcher and not enough outside of it, unlike the American ADATS it doesn’t have the 25mm secondary as a backup when you fire all of your missiles, and the antennae stick up like a sore thumb when you’re trying to hide behind cover (can’t we fold them down or remove them?).
  3. The missiles are buggy and spasm too much causing you to miss ground targets even when they’re not moving and air targets if they’re moving in a direction that isn’t towards or away from you. Even the Stormer hits more reliably. Other than that they’re great. 900mm of pen with a 10km range. Much better than the Stormer.
  4. The mechanics are completely miserable. To reload you have to have 0 missiles in your launchers and it takes forever to resupply them at a spawn point and you also have to reload them after the fact. I really prefer the Stormer in this regard because it gets twice the missiles and you’re not sitting with your pants down when things hit the fan.

Overall there are only 2 things I can think of that would make the ADATS an ADATS.

  1. Giving the missiles a cigarette and told to calm down
  2. Treating each separate launcher idk, separately. Like they’ve done with the Roland, Crotale, Tunguska, Pantsir, Strela, Chaparral, LAV-AD, Ozelot, Gepard 1A2, Stormer, Type 93, Type 81, PGZ04A, Tor-M1, SIDAM 25 (Mistral), SANTAL, Lvrbv 701, ASRAD-R, and Machbet etc.

Edit: I have been informed that the XM 1069 (US ADATS) has 0° of gun depression. I’m so sorry.