The way to fix Air Rb battles

Take all the maps and space out 3 air fields, keep the current player count but make players engage each other in smaller battles across a taller but narrow map. Having one area where usually everyone collides is the reason for the giant missile spam tornado every game. What’s everyone opinion.

Air rb should be split in to EC and the Duels gamode they use in esports and custom battles

There should be an airspawn for everyone, having to take off every single game is stupid.

Friendly fire should be disabled for the first minute, teamkilling is stupid and does not need to happen.

And we really just need BR decompression, the fact that Gaijin says they don’t see an issue is the most delusional and out of touch things they’ve said, at least in the last month…

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Should just hold the players to task over that silliness because the more it’s avoided being penalized, the more they will find ways to do it that aren’t going to get them in trouble.

These players that are firing these missiles and bombs are definitely knowing they are doing it.

People just ruin entire games 10 seconds in, and then everyone who didn’t’ die has their time wasted with a game that is already lost because a bunch of players on your team are dead.
Even worse when someone gets shot down by a friendly and as they crash, the explosion kills others around leading that person to get a bunch of friendly kills, and that shit gets expensive.

I had an accidental teamkill the other day with a rogue missile, was like 50k SL.

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I know, I had to hand a report of a squad killing an entire team to staff because it wasn’t going to have anything done otherwise…

And even then it was only temporary, which is unfortunate…

The EC maps and the regular maps shouldn’t be in the same rotation. These should be separate modes.

The regular maps can remain as Air RB is now with just reduced team sizes.

The EC maps should be in their own mode - Air RB EC and they should get the multiple airfields, more AI objectives, carriers, longer matches, and respawning.

The current mode doesn’t work for the upper tiers of Air.