The wacky world of high tier (12.3) sim battle

Here we are new update new weird gameplay where sim was for the best it is now a real playground between high easy kill flying target and non stop flaring plane with hundreds of flare ducking on the ground making them hard to kill with everything especially when it turn well and shoot invisible almost unflare-able aim9m

So il’l take my mig29A for exemple you can make good game where there is mainly F4s F16A
but when you get bad game with plane that are way better than you with the ability to see you a mile away in a blind spot (and with irst so no radar ping) i still manage to get a positive K/D and loose 35k in the process so what will be the future of the sim battle getting rekt every major update or balancing this thing cause it get frustrating to put the best you can only for the game to allow abusive weapon
so the only thing to do is to get that meta missile cause for now aim9m and r73 are just no way to be balanced

On the other hand 11.3 10.3 10.0 9.0 br with ok missile and good plane from every part is way way more enjoyable my missile can be flare ok his too radar missile are ok so yeah 12.0 12.3 sim must have something to be done maybe reducing the number of max player on a sim map 11.3 to 12.3 to 10 player match and removing that dumb money system to nerf what you get by dying either on your line or ennemy line cause yeah -35k with positive kd is very shitty system and yeah people still bomb and J on AF so this system really don’t work

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There are 2 primary changes I want to see is:

  • Remove the first spawn SL cost. That way you dont start in debt

  • Go to a hybrid SL system. Where you earn half via actions (i.e A2A kill) and the other half via activity time. Mitigates farmers still, but you dont get screwed by the system either. Too many times i’ve had 2 or 3 kills then died and basically lost all those SLs because I didnt survive for 15 minutes to beenfit from those kills. Kinda a shame.

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yeah happen to much someone will alway inbound fast has hell with all the PD TWS stuff u get spotted miles away to get aim9m or r73 by someone but an hybrid system meh that depend how they implement it

You are rock , you beat scissors, but when paper shows up, its a problem. lol