The very pinnacle of Air RB gameplay

True masters of co.k punching and other traditional martial arts know, that true winner is the one who wins the fight without fighting.
This art is not lost on Gaijin.
In 2 out of 6 matches most of my team (in 1 case - including me) failed to spawn. When I went back to hangar, I got the merry information, that my crew is locked for 7m.

Thank you, Snail, what a GREAT GAME DESIGN.
And don’t feed me bullshit about server hampsters being overloaded at 11PM on European server with match wait time in excess of 3 minutes.

What a great patch and great job.
F me and f my kills per battle and kills per deaths. The true warrior refuses to fight. The true gamer enjoys the game by not playing it.
BTW I have only tried playing He-112A0 after I wasted several minutes trying to get into a match in mid-late war props.

Just for context I studied this in monastery in Nepal its real martial art. AMA

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I had 2 out of 2. It looks like that in such cases one team can spawn airspawn planes only, whilst the other team has no problem. Ofc i played on the wrong side on both matches - what else…


Flying SM 92 (trying to reseach HUN subtree) and 1st match we played 5 (all axis twin engine) vs 9 US/UK/RU (ofc 8 single engine) and in the second i had the pleasure to play together with 2 Me 264s against 5 single engine fighters and 2 bombers (all US/UK).

I mean I was able to score 2 kills in both matches, managed to stay alive and almost won the 2nd match (timer saved last enemy, a smoking Spit) - but this kind of gameplay is not really exciting even when you manage to outclimb and outrun a Mk XVI Spit in a far inferiour plane - or just teach F4U-1C pilots that their planes are unable to fight at 8km alt :-)

But when your few teammates either ground pound (1st match) or just die without having a game impact (2nd match) those matches make no sense. Without running RP boosters i would have not even spawned as it was a mission impossible in both matches just by numbers and plane performance gaps.

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