The various problems currently existing in VT4 prove that gaijin did not manufacture PLA vehicles with care

The various problems currently existing in VT4 prove that gaijin did not have the intention to manufacture PLA vehicles. The positive feedback from players is ignored or evaded


The VT-4A1 came out, and its state on the live server is nothing short of inexcusable.
To the point of outright anger on my part.

  • The UFP has been nerfed from dev to 450mm - 500mm (essentially useless at 11.7).
  • The reverse speed has indeed come out at -17km/h
    Regarding the reverse speed, it is so disgusting for them to imply that a predecessor 20 years ago (MBT-2000) had double the reverse speed compared to a heavily upgraded version bearing the same transmission moniker CH1000 and technology of the ZTZ-99A. Them moving through with this is downright insulting.
  • The vertical targeting speed of 22 degrees per second that was acknowledged still came through to around 7 degrees per second when spaded and with an expert crew. An absolute joke.
  • The side ERA package that was reported to be missing was given “not a bug” and told to be put in suggestions.
  • Multiple bug reports and suggestions have been thrown away.
  • A spall liner which the 99A and VT-4, VT-4A1 all posses is not modeled, either. Even though it was also acknowledged.

In its current state, the VT-4A1 has come out barely better than the MBT-2000, if even. At 1.0 BR higher.
I cannot stress how disappointed I am in these people. Perhaps I just care too much about these pixel tanks, but it really is a shame.

Considering they’ve proven to essentially not care about vehicles after they’re released on live, such as the ZLT-11 still NOT being called a ZTL-11 and still retaining a -8.5km/h reverse regardless of how many times it was brought up and “acknowledged” for 2 years now - makes me have very little hope that things will improve.


Join the club, dude.

You might be surprised, but world doesn’t revolve around china . All nations except one have big problems with accurate vehicles


In this game, you will find that Russia and Sweden are doing so well, but other countries are doing poorly.


I believe you ain’t play the current vt4 in the game… go check the armor defence and then come to comment…


Go check Abrams, go check Leopard, go check Challenger.

Like I’ve said, things don’t resolve around china. It’s an all-around issue, not unique to any nation in particular.


Some people seem to be enjoying it.


yeah i felt like gaijin just rushed this tank


agree. just pure arrogance

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The grouping of the ERA is unreasonable. Look at how the frontal ERA is grouped (Blocks of 4 and even blocks of 6). Other tanks don’t have their frontal ERA grouped at all (Russian tanks and ZTZ-99s).

The turret arrow shaped ERA is also grouped as a single block and not individual like the ZTZ-96A.

Everything about this update was sloppily rushed out.


Just look what they did with the q5L, not surprising at all

someone just say world isnt around china.they just forget, when china TT appear in WT, Gaijin never change how to treat it:say something do nothing.the china TT is just a temple creature for gajin to push before china national day,and when china TT pushed is without version topic。compare with Sweden, after china TT pushed,have anything which CN TT doesnt:top level ,version topic… CN TT is apreterminfant,when gaijin want some money,just tell some lie or release some copy to get CN TT players money。now gaijin treat CN TT is "now I release a new toy(actually a shit or WIP which never finish itor fix it after 5version)to you,give me your money,and shut up dont complain,bcs its your deserve


Gaijin is always discriminating against Chinese vehicles and smearing various data of Chinese tanks. Either fix these issues or immediately refund Chinese players


? They’re all much much more better than vt4 in the game now. Like I said, just open your wt and easily go check the tanks armor protection before you comment anything in here, don’t behave like a cloud gamer okay?


I think it’s basic for a game company to finish their game before release to the formal server. What will russian players thought if T90M is added without its hull armor? Stand in their shoes, and you may understand why they are so angry.


I DO think Challenger needs to be buffed equally ,the 80 mm front armor makes me laugh at gaijin, whenever I see it.

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I understand why they’re angry.

I just find it hilarious that they think it’s some kind of personal insult towards china, when it’s an issue for a lot of nation vehicles

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i know many nation vehicles have issues, but VT-4 is just unplayable in 11.7, it’s so buggy and its armor is just copyed from MBT2000 that could be see a weird empty area in game
i seen a post listed all T8 vehicle shot by same bullet, only VT-4 is almost could be penetrated without aiming


Chinese vehicles should be strengthened, please do not ignore the information provided by Chinese players