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Is the turret side ERA on the ZTZ99s meant to have less protection than the front?

no, is all supposed to be the same, so most likley an overlook

Best to make sure that’s included in the bug report too then. @gultraman

made it: // Issues

lol I just made one too at almost the same time
VT-4A1 top and side ERAs have incorrect protection values // // Issues


It seems some other people also aren’t so happy about this whole situation.

Im not Chinese so I’m not on Chinese social media, but apperently they were very vocal there too

The ERA package that was shown in the one advertisement has never physically been fitted, and therefore will probably remain off the tables until one is actually shown with it on IRL. Same with the 1500HP engine. The 1300 HP engine is the best one it has actually been fitted with irl, and the 1500 is just a proposal

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Another problem right now is that the FY4 on the front of the turret is a huge single piece of ERA, when its supposed to be multiple smaller pieces (like on the 99a), just covered by a sheet of steel

I try. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Chinese tree as of late, and it’s been a breath of fresh air for me, so I’d hate to see it get neglected and misrepresented in the game, especially since it’s one of the more major modern military powers in the world today, and still has significant room for growth outwards!

I believe all Nations should be the best they can possibly be, so that way a player may enjoy any nation they whish to play, and Im motivated by my desire to enjoy the game more by helping the tech trees I play remain as competitive as possible


is it much better? idk the values before
Screenshot 2023-12-17 153406
this is against DM53 at point blank range

still bad but much better than before ¯\__(ツ)_/¯

at least something, I guess?

sure, but gaijin make those ERA to a whole piece and that means VT4 can only take one shoot, then it will trun back to previous status :(

Some era blocks have different thickness. All FY-4 or FY-2 blocks dont have the same thickness throughout the whole tank.

I’ve heard that there might be different Variants, but the issue is that Gajjin didn’t really specify if they are different or not, they are all labeled as the same ERA

Actually you can check it by yourself. For example you can compare the frontal FY-4 and side FY-4 of a tank and you will clearly see the difference between thickness.

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Interesting, I guess I was just assuming that Gajjin had overlooked it

Gaijin made another mistake?
undetailed era on vt-4 // // Issues
The bug report for merged ERA plates has just been labelled fixed but I don’t see any changes in game.