The trend of making small maps at top tier even smaller by removing flanks

Okay well don’t come complaining when you find out you can’t flank anymore.

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I used to

This is a result of the player survey. People demanded these stupid changes. Removing flanking ability, bushes and concealment etc. Gaijin are doing what the players demanded. And it’s stupid.


I understand you have a lot of experience in this game much more than me, but you have only played 7 GRB and 10 GAB matchies in the last month

Yeah, because this game changes so much from week to week, it’s like an entirely different game.

I completely agree. There were places that only light tanks could reach and that was nice, it was something that light tanks had special but now it’s even useless because light tanks have no penetration or armor, so the only way was to frank.more the gajin is destroying the maps, putting the lines red, hindering the tanks from franking, it’s affecting even the heaviest medium tanks, etc. this is ruining the game. it’s looking more like word off tank and not a game where we’re supposed to feel the tank See how a tank works, use real-life strategies in tanks. But now it’s impossible, it doesn’t seem like a fun game anymore. Tanks were made to outmaneuver and catch the enemy by surprise and it’s not doing that anymore. I’m hoping another game will appear. that the satisfaction of being able to feel like a tanker where the tanker has to have skill and strategy but this is destroying the strategy and ending the theme that I let War Thunder get to where it is today. I have several premium vehicles but now I regret it of giving money to a company that is ruining the maps.


Maybe your right, im trying to keep an open mind. On one hand i think they can only compact this game so much, they do other compacting things in all game modes. And then on the other hand i think there must be a good reason for it and hoping its not just for money

I rarely find good reasons behind the things they do and 9 out of 10 times it’s money, and when it’s not money it tends to be stupidity.


That was in a heated situation where people vented their frustration.

There has never been and I don’t expect there to ever be serious engagement with the customers over this issue.

Persistent complaints can yield results, such as occurred with strike drones, but the win rate is pretty low. Take CAS, for example, which is contentious but there is no attempt at a compromise solution or any discussion with customers.

Those people should go play arcade. I mean, by all means keep the “fixed” maps for arcade battles, and revert the changes for realistic battles. And put more bigger maps in rotation on realistic…

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Nyeaaah… on Carpathians, especially if spawned south, they now blocked off the go-around-the-hill route to get to C; flanking route that usually is quite good to have control over. The hilly bit opposite C that lets you shoot across B and A is also gone - that combo right there means that whoever gets control over A can now pretty much have their way with the enemy spawn. That area was the one hail-mary location you could use to maybe get pressure off spawn.

Sure, it’s “map edge”, but not that far removed from the action. If they’d lopped off the north bit, that would’ve made much more sense.

The change to Sinai kind of ruined that map purely because with the hills there, you had to think about more than just cap points, sure, early sniping of anyone going to A (from both sides, mind you, it wasn’t just north end that can do it) was kinda sketch but there is enough terrain there to hull down (on either side) and clear the snipers off the hill.

Changes to El Alamein that removed a few spots where you could snipe from in tanks suited to it (UK anyone?).

Granted, flanking indeed isn’t “go sit at the far edge of the map” - but a successful flank also means it’d be nice to be able to get to a good spot without being seen and doinked right away. Most map changes constrain you to a few paths you can take to get to a good flank spot. And sure, you can “flank” using buildings, but then we’re still talking CQC - my Challengers don’t enjoy that very much.


There was and they addressed all these things as part of the roadmap and listed all these changes coming to the maps. It’s a direct result of the cry babies.

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For me the biggest issue is what they are doing now is dumbing down game to pure luck. Just run for cap point and hope for the best.

People which created this game don’t get that the key to win is terrain control. Cap points are only game mechanic which are only part of terrain control. One cannot succesfully capture point and hold it without terrain control.

Also maps like this would only make ODL issue even worse as spawning again would not make sense.

Small maps work only in one life environment like WoT is.


There are many premium aircraft that are CAS.

Ammo issues have been an issue for a long time, but the T series tanks are notorious for having shells not even spall after being penned and tanking direct ammo hits unlike any other unlucky tank surviving an ammo hit.

If you compare the random ammo rack not exploding with T series tanks literally being coded not to spall you simply show that you don’t play top tier.

Other vehicles also tank direct ammo hits, your point ?

I think you simply show that you have eyes at the back of your head, not realizing ammo bugs happen everywhere after 10k hours in the game.

Really would like to see who is responsible for the decisions and thought process for the mapdesign in Warthunder especially in GRB.

I think they don’t want the player to hide but at the same time they wanna develop a game about tanks.
Tanks which in reality you use to hide and hunt the enemy and most of the time you camp.
Of course you can stomp the enemy as well in reality but most of the times you use tanks to hide and camp all the time. And usually you don’t drive into a town, city, urban enviroment.

At the moment it simply looks like they don’t have a clue how to fix the maps or it’s just blatant balance after statistics. Doesn’t matter what it is. It’s both equally bad.

Simple rule. Small maps for low tier because slower vehicles.
Big maps for hightier because of fast vehicles. Put in cover and strategic positions. (no spawncamp positions.)

Please no CQC maps on Toptier. It feels bad. It is boring. It’s to fast and completely feels unimmersive.


They have taken a bit more than the flanks in this screen shot,

Looks lkke 50% of the map is out of bounds. Br 7.

Cant move forward with SPAA, enemy at CAP (450m) and if i go into city all i will hit is the buildings. First time i came across this much map clipping


Yes but eliciting comments in a heated situation is completely different to a discussion.

It’s like having an argument with your wife and simply giving in and giving all her demands made in anger.

The map changes are 100% contentious but zero engagement with players.

I’m not disagreeing but it’s what happened.