The trend of making small maps at top tier even smaller by removing flanks

I wanted to say that I’ve been noticing a trend where Gaijin has been removing the flanks on a lot of maps at top tier. In the big maps like maginot line it wasn’t that bad (eventhough the change was not needed) it wasn’t as bad.

However now maps like mozdok and big sinai are getting big parts of the maps cut away because the spots where to OP? The problem is it makes the maps very linear and doesn’t allow for any other strat than to just W down the middle and hope to win (wonder which nations tank suits that the best)

Now why are linear maps terrible for a healthy engaging top tier eviroment?

Flanks allow for movement on the outer edges of the map, you can dodge snipers campers and avoid head on stare battles which literally forces you to stare at someone and hope that someone either does something stupid, a team mate comes and helps you out (which rarely happens) or you die to cas.

Now i get why gaijin would want to do something like this since some of the spots where OP, however this might have probably been the worst way to approach it.

I am asking Gaijin as a veteran with 10k hours to communicate more before changing maps. For example literally just removing all the city maps and giving us the big open fields like big sinai, the old version of maginot etc would probably solve top tiers biggest problems.

I also wanted to comment on the Abrams DU inserts in the hull, Gaijin put in a lot of effort in trying to prove the Abrams has no DU in the hull. Which I don’t really care if it has it or not.

The important thing is, I don’t see them putting in 10% of the effort in showing us why T series tank ammo racks still fail to explode after being hit and shells not spalling inside T series tanks.

Care to explain Gaijin.

Yours dearly,


Help voting this to get Gaijin attention to bring back original map (it might work i don’t know but better than doing nothing)


This is a real disaster, especially with Br 10.0 and 11.0 tanks that only have the HEAT-FS in stock, which literally forces you to attack enemies from the sides to do something, which becomes somewhat absurd since as Every time the maps are smaller, it is impossible to make ambushes, and if you add to that the extremely unrealistic damage of the HEAT-FS, it transforms those tanks into easy points for the enemy, in short, one of the clear signs that gaijin He does not know absolutely what he is doing, and he has no idea how to make a well-made game. I have never seen in any game such a level of imbalance, which reaches the point of giving away deaths to the enemy, getting a pittance of points until achieving the APDS-FS, something incredible for a minimally decent game.


Removing flanks certainly wasn’t needed, but it seems like Gaijin wants to transform this game into Call of Thunder, probably to cater to casuals that don’t want to learn maps and just want to blast the enemies in their 70€ premiums.

Being a veteran with 10k hours, you surely seem to be living under a rock, because ammo bugs happen on tanks from multiple nations, it’s not isolated to a single nation as you might believe.

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And turned out that 70 euro just to get rekt by more experience players anyway then cry in the forum this that or those OP need nerf

Welcome to WOT 2.0


I used to think lke you and others, till i watched a few YouTube videos
Flanking does not mean goto the edge of the map, by doing so you are on your own and are not doing anything to help the win, your just doing it for your personal K/D

------------‐-> = frontal attack @ enemy

   --------->  = flank attack

They need to stop being so lazy and just rework the maps rather than just blocking half the maps.
Every day we’re reminded just how little Gaijin cares about this game beyond monetization.


No, you need to stop being lazy and learn to tank properly

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They don’t want players using their brains and using the whole map to spank the ones that can’t think and breathe at the same time.


According to Gaijin that means holding W.

That is where your so wrong. I play Britian and we have no armour. I cant play front line, so i play support which includes flanking. I do not need to goto the edge of the map to be effective. My game has improved since i took time to learn. Would you like a link of the YouTube videos i watched? If so which map?

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Well sounds like it got a lot easier for you now that the edge of the map is a lot closer.


How does that work, being a sniper? It got easyer for me due to me taking the time to learn how to play my role. I started playing scout first of all.

Okay bud.

Explain your self how has it got easyer for me and harder for you?

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Do you even understand what you’re arguing about? They’re removing the flanks you claim to use and removing the sniper spots you claim to use, yet you’re going to defend this?

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You got it in your head that flanking means going to the edge of the map, that is extreme flanking or beyond flanking

You don’t have to go to the edge of the map if the edge of the map is comign to you, great idea.

I do t know what maps your playing on but even at 7.0 ive been on maps like fields of poland where its over 1k to get to the nearest cap point

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