The ticket gamemode, auto bleed biased to a team and "remove ground units to win" is stale, rewards the unskilled player and ruins the experience of the average fighter playa

Goodluck P’ingTFO when your team is dead because everyone is in attackers/bombers. That’s such a dumb take you have there.

To even bring your statement here that it’s fine like this, when literally people are against AUTO bleed, not player driven bleed.

And if you want reality, ARB is TDM mode. I play only fighters and play 75-80% winrate. You are not going to do that in attackers/bombers no matter how good you are, unless of course you use a capable bomber/attacker as makeshift fighter, because that’s what wins matches reliably.

So get off your high horse thinking it’s somehow subpar to play fighters, because it really isn’t.

What’s more funny is that I, as a fighter pilot, have about the same amount of ground kills as you… And I just kill ground when I’m bored because enemy team is reloading/refueling, or need the ticket advantage because some person is roleplaying astronaut

Attackers get to play the objective for a good few minutes uncontested at the start of every match. Then they get to run back to the airfield and circle it while fighters, who do not have the armament to do so, desperately try to claw back a ticket lead, or don’t in order to not expose themselves to every enemy fighter and get blitzed.

Ofc it’s not TDM, there’s no respawning. It’s elimination.

Well, why are they uncontested? Can’t strikers (in the name) you know, strike them?

I mean it works. Fighters just seem to all furball anyway and the team doing it first and dumping all its alt generally loses.

One of my more recent matches I mentioned in chat my team went quick only to be insulted by “one” enemy saying I was lame for climbing to 5000m (which is where we had a tiny duel before I legged it) and should have helped my team (500m furball).

Then on Tunisia I was flamed for going against AI air… you know, the map where is really makes a difference. Yeah, we lost, enemy were not so silly about AI.

Mode caters for all, never going to change.

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Because strikers aren’t air superiority fighters, most of them aren’t interested in A2A, and the fighters only just took off. And if you’re up against something like the Wyvern or Do-335, you’re screwed regardless.

No it doesn’t? That’s the whole thing we’re talking about here.

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Stay bad rico

your stats vs my stats:

Balanced_Game is a professional bluffer.

it’s gonna be a new york perssn effect. A very bad player calling another guy “bad” despite being far better and slightly above mediocre. Classic toxic mindset.

lmao he uses my ancient stats from 2017, my mig19 stats are better

Nobody on the planet thinks you’re anything but a shitter Rico.

lmao he uses my ancient stats from 2017, my mig19 stats are better

your mig19s stats are so much worse than mine, despite you flew it earlier when 20+g missiles weren’t even a thing; and your MiG19PT stats are dog pooper considering you only played 100 matches and killed subsonic aircraft daily.

Nobody on the planet thinks you’re anything but a shitter Rico.

Blud, please tell me your personal name so that I can refer to you the same way.

I invite you to fly the array of planes I also fly and get over 2.5kd on them. You don’t fly the j5n1, you don’t fly the j7w1, you don’t fly the sea fury; do it and then after you surpass my KD’s on these planes you can call me bad.

If you want, we can 1v1 some day, too.

There’s AI and obj to play in all air modes.

Your logic is severely flawed and irrelevant. Feel free to see yourself out.

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“i disagree with your opinion therefore you have to go out”
peak internet argumenting skills. IDK who’s more of a douche, either Dot, Balanced or you.

We didn’t have AI jets in 2019 and 2020 Jet RB match btw

Have you tried looking in the mirror, first?

Casting stones from glass houses is a terrible gameplan, just so you know. Should probably try something different.

idk what you’re trying to tell me. You’re defending that doing the least effort tasks would affect the most the course of a match while working your brains with your team (or carrying it) to end the enemy team will do nothing until the very last enemy dies.

Knowing the game you are playing is half the battle. Refusing to acknowledge it and try to play “your own way” is a choice and has consequences.

An issue of too many ingredients in too small a game (focused). But it is what it is. A more niche mode would have mean a lot less players in my opinion, and I think Gaijin knows it (one style air mode and one style ground mode, no real variety for 8+ years just new toys for military fans to cream over. Everything over about 7.0 in both is a joke and the base game is not fit for it).

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