The tech tree principle

Hello, I am a new player and I had a question about the tech tree and how it works.
If get the tree planes from Bf2c-1 to f2a-1 but nothing else can I get the a36 even tough I had not earned the planes before the a36?
Thank you for your help

If you need clarification please ask, I know the question can be confusing

Once you have unlocked the required amount of planes in a rank, you may research the next rank. Rank 1 vehicles are separate from 2+, and thus you can research any line you want in rank 2 regardless of prior progress (as long as you have the required number of aircraft to progress to rank 2)

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You’re gonna unlock everything anyway, just keep plodding, and save up your lions.

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First of all thank you for your fast response.
Also thank you for your clear response!


A-36? That plane that has ten 50cal machine guns?

If you hover your mouse cursor on the plane you want to research you can find some info of what you still need to do to be able to research it. You will need a certain number of vehicles researched from a certain tier(rank) to be able to start researching the next tier(rank) vehicles. Gaijin sometimes changes the required amount of researched vehicles needed to advance to the next tier(rank) so you got to check them manually.

Yeah, look to the left on each tier in the tech tree(and this works for all vehicle trees) and you will see a “split” number, such as 3/6 or something like that. The first number is how many vehicles in that tier you already have researched, the second number is how many you have to get in order to “unlock” the next tier. Now any premiums vehicles you might get in that tier will also count towards this, good thing to remember. As for the “lines” each tree has, you’ll need to research each one to “unlock” your ability to research the next one. Basically if it is “red” you still have some work to do to get to it. It’s not overly complicated, but still takes a bit of getting used to. As mentioned, you’re eventually going to research/unlock them all anyway, so you can take your time, do each tier as you go and spade the new vehicles as you get them. That will help you earn SL’s and you get bonus RP for every tier you finish in the modifications window . . . that also helps a good deal. Plus, you can work your crew skills up as you go too. Those will come in handy as you progress as well. There’s quite a bit to it, but figuring out how the game works, is a big part of the game as well.
Good Luck