The T77 MGMC SPAAG: What's better than 4 .50s? 6 .50s!

The T77 MGMC SPAAG: What’s better than 4 .50s? 6 .50s!

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Hello Again WarThunderers! Today’s suggestion is for the American T77 MGMC, specifically the E1 variant, a prototype SPAAG with a whopping 6 M2 Browning Machine Guns, plus a good ol’ .30 cal.

Basic Information

Designation: T77E1 (Military), T89E1 (Manufacturer)

Role: Self-Propelled Anti-Air Gun

Crew: 4

Manufacturer: Cadillac Motor Car Division (hull), United Shoe Machinery Company (turret)

Total built: 2

Time Built: 1943

Specs - Dimensions

Length: 16 ft 6 in (5.03 m)

Width: 9 ft 10 in (3 m)

Specs - Driving Performance

Engine(s): Twin Cadillac Series 44T24
220 hp (160 kW) (164 kW) at 3,400 rpm (total)

Maximum Speed: 35 mph (56 km/h)

Max Range: 100 mi (160 km)

Total Weight: 40,500 lb (18,370 kg)

Specs - Armor


  • 0.40–1.50 in (10–38 mm)


  • 0.50 in (12.7 mm)

Specs - Armament
Specs - Armament - Primary Armament
  • 6x .50 (12.7mm) M2HB Browning Machine Guns in hexagonal format in turret (6000 rounds)

Specs - Armament - Secondary Armament
  • 1x .30 (7.62 mm) 1919A4 Browning Machine Guns (250 rounds)

Specs - Additional Information

Fuel Capacity: 110 US gal (420 L)

Usage in battles

The T77E1 would be a decent step up in armament with its two additional machine guns as well as it being based on the M24 Chaffee hull, it would have a better than average survivability to other SPAA’s we see in the game. It is important to consider however how the 2 gunner positions protrude from the turret hull noticably, making them easy targets if not careful.


  • Good Manueverability

  • Decent Armament


  • Exposed gunners

  • Poor Anti-Vehicle performance


During WW2, the U.S. military developed several anti-aircraft vehicle designs, most notably based on the M3 Half-track vehicle, such as the T54E1 and the mass-produced M16 MGMC. However after a few designs and production runs, development moved on to experimenting with the fully tracked M24 Chaffee chassis, resulting in production of the M19 GMC with its twin 40mm Bofors M1936 AA guns. Another design proposed, was the T77 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage. The project was initially designed for the M5 Stuart Light tank, but because the M24 design was already in the process of replacing it, they opted for the larger M24 chassis which offered greater opportunities.

In July 1943, the Committee of the U.S. military weapons technology recommended the development of a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, which is based on the M24 light tank, equipped with multiple heavy M2HB machine guns. The T77 was the product of their request, designed for six .50 M2HBs in the turret. In April 1944, two prototypes were presented and went into testing in October. The year after, it went to Aberdeen Proving Grounds for various tests. The T77 was a M24 chassis with a new turret design, it’s turret designed by United Shoe Machinery Company, the turret design, known as the T89, was very strange, one of its most conspicuous parts being the two seats covered with glass domes on the turret made for a better view of the battlefield, presumably offering some protection against shrapnel and debris as well. While the T77 had passed it’s proving tests, the T77 MGMC never went into production, as it was decided its armament was to weak and its design and strategy would not see success in the new era of jet aircraft.

Additional Photos


Prototype - T77 Multiple Gun Carriage

T77 MGMC | Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon Wiki | Fandom

US WW2 Tanks - Nevington War Museum

mmi.86.2013 by meta3106 - Issuu

The project of self-propelled anti-aircraft installation T77 (USA)

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Hell to the yeah.

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+1, we need more wacky spaa and spaa with more than 4 hmg’s/autocannons like this


Finally an option for mid-BR USA.

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Yes for goodness sake, when was the last time the US got a WW2 era SPAA?

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Added more polls for specificity, sorry the votes were deleted 😅

+1, I think 3.0 is fine, getting an extra 2 .50 cals and some armor isn’t really a big enough upgrade (over the M16) to warrant 3.3, only one BR step below the Wirbelwind (3.7)

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I think being closed top but armed with 50s makes it good for 3.7.

It’s not closed top.



Not only does the US desperately need an SPAAG between the M16 and M19A1, I’ve wanted this thing in the game for AGES. +1 with all my being!

Those can actually be covered with plexiglass domes. Dunno how Gaijin would implement it, but it can be fully enclosed.


inb4 gaijin doesn’t bother to model it at all because if a certain country can’t have closed top SPAA till rank 6 then neither can we


Would be unfortunate for sure.

9 years. Nothing has been added between the M13 CGMC and M42 Duster low-mid tier SPAA since Steel Generals update in 2014…

Stuff like the T77 MGMC is way long overdue. Plus despite what people say about the allies historically not having or needing many SPAA platforms especially towards the end of WW2, they certainly had plethora of different prototypes made and tested at the time that could be really useful for mixed ground RB battles and lineups.


Even with the GLASS domes, it shouldn’t be at the same BR as the Wirbelwind, even 3.3 is pushing it as only a single BR step above you get 4x20 mm instead of 6x12.7 mms, which is a massive upgrade that deserves a much bigger BR difference (3.0 vs 3.7)

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Probably just label it as bullet proof glass.


Seems very similar to the (4.0) Crusader AA Mk II, but with the slight disadvantage of less roof armour

No no, the plexiglass will be an event or premium, with the shitty one being in the tech tree, like usual

T89E1 is not a factory designation. Neither does any of your sources claim so.

T89E1 is the designation for the gun mount.

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This SPAAG is soooooooooooo LONG OVERDUE!!! I don’t play the US as often but +1 from me.