The T-34_85 is top be moved down

I understand that the T_34 85 can kill a Jagdtiger in Realistic Battles but, it’s to hard to get in that position every time. I say that 5.0 B.R. is more of a perfect rating for it. Let’s look at it, it’s amor is bad it might as well be 0 and it has a not so good 85 mm that usually doesn’t kill in one shot most of the time too. Itt also sucks in Arcade Battles too.

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D-5T or ZiS S-53?

Saying T-34-85 has no armor make it sounds like a skill issue. You’re not supposed to take hits in medium tank, you can but you shouldn’t. T-34-85 just like all T-34s have really trolly armor and 85 turret has some insane spots that give it a fair chance to bounce anything that it faces. Top of that it is quite agile and gun is just great.

I don’t know how you can say 85mm doesn’t OHK. It has really big bursting charge and if you don’t kill something penetration 9/10 times mean they can’t fire back.


both T-34-85’s are just fine where they are. I understand your concern that the jagtiger is a difficult target to kill, but it is also a fairly limited vehicle, its slow, heavy armored and a pretty slow firing gun. the solution is to not move the T-34-85 down as that will just cause compression issues which the community is strongly working against.


T-34-85 is a fine vehicle, it has maneuverability, trolly armour, and a good cannon. If you have a problem with it, that’s your fault. It is a very capable vehicle


Both T-34/85 are fine is his actual BRs.

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T-34-85 is ok and I would have no problem with the 5.7 one going to 5.3. It should get better since some panthers are moving up soon.

I can’t stand playing it because of its scope tho, its genuinely painful at any sort of range.

As panther and Tiger go to 6.0, I think t3485 is good in 5.7

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T-34-85 is fine, but the T-44 can go back to 6.3, that thing being the same BR as the Tiger II H is just plain stupid.

German mains when they have to aim at the turret to pen a tank (its OP because they cant lolpen it everywhere)

Same stupidity can be observed with the M26 being moved to 6.7 for no damn reason.

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Yep, the T-44 was NEVER a 6.7 tank, IMO it could easily go to 5.7 or 6.0. It only has the 85mm which is just kind of average at 5.7, and the armour is pretty much the same principle as Panther (Aim at turret cheeks not hull)

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The ZIS-S-53.

Or you have brutal skill issues or actually never played this tank before, is the only explanation for that monstruosity suggestion. T-44 to 5.7 yes and KV-220 to 4.7 cmon…

I’ve never played the tank before, but I’ve faced it many times, and never had any problems “removing” it

In Realistic battle’s there no indicators so you have a chance of showing up not seen, but in Arcade Battle’s your as good as dead. I’d give the gun a 7/10. Considering that most of the time you go up against Panthers and tanks you can’t pen form the front unless you get lucky and actually have the time to aim at the spot the tank may have. I’m saying that it’s B.R. needs to go down so 5.3 or 5.0 is fine by me. Not to mention I goes up against higher tier tanks in all the matches it’s in.

Thats explain your stupid suggestion.

How is it stupid? It would be fine at 6.0


In what way would it not be fine at 6.0

I dont know, maybe becuase his strong armor, great movility and gun handling ???

When he was 6.3 and you face 5.3 tanks was a complete joke. So now imagine this OP tank against 5.0 tanks LOL.