The T-249 Vigilante: Trigger Discipline...

The T-250 Vigilante: Trigger Discipline…

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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening people! Today I wish to suggest an interesting addition to the game, a Anti-Air vehicle that requires extreme trigger discipline, as it only has up to 4 seconds of continuous firing time! Presenting the rival to the M-247 Sergeant York… The T-249 Vigilante, designed by Springfield Armory.

Basic Information

Designation: T-249

Role: Self-Propelled Anti-Air Gun

Crew: 3

Manufacturer: United States Armory and Arsenal at Springfield, FMC Corporation, Sperry Corporation

Total built: 3

Time Built: 1956-1962



  • Length: [DATA UNKNOWN]

  • Width: 8 ft 10 in (2.68 m)

  • Height: [DATA UNKNOWN]

Driving Preformance (Some Specs of Standard M113:

  • Engine: Chrysler 75M V8 gasoline engine, 209 hp (156 kW)

  • Max Speed: 42 mph (68 km/h)

  • Max Range: 300 mi (480 km)

  • Total Weight: 9.2 tons


  • ** 5083 Aluminium Alloy 1.1–1.7 in (28–44 mm)


  • 1x 37 mm T250 Springfield Armory 6-Barrel Rotary Gun (192 rounds)

Additional Information:

  • Radar: Doppler-Pulse Search and Tracking

Usage in Battles

The Vigilante would require a skilled player to be effective, as at its gun’s max rpm of 3000 rpm along with its 192 round magazine would mean it would only have roughly 4 seconds of continuous fire. The Vigilante also has a 120 rpm firing mode for ground targets, so that could be used to better conserve ammo.


  • Large Caliber for Gatling Gun

  • Great Volume of Fire


  • runs through ammo extremely quickly


The T-249 Vigilante was a project ventured mainly by the Springfield Armory and assisted by the Sperry Company to serve as proposed replacement to the aging M42 Duster as part of the DIVAD program.

Springfield Armory worked to create the T-250, a 37 mm 6-barreled rotary cannon, the largest gatling gun ever built, and the Sperry Company, worked to join the gun to a modified M113, with a lengthened hull and special suspension-locking mechanism. 3 prototypes were produced in the late 1950’s.

The Vigilante saw testing will unsatisfactory results, due to the guns extreme recoil and an issue of ammunition detonating in the chamber after firing more than 48 rounds in succession, and in addition to this, due to the government’s belief at the time that the future of Anti-Air defense was heavily reliant on SAM’s, the T-249 project was abandoned. Sperry did attempt to revive the T-249, remembering it in 35mm NATO and mounting it onto a M48 chassis, however it to was abandoned, beaten by the M-247 Sergeant York.

Currently one last T-249 exists and is on display at the Fort Sill Museum.

Additional Photos

t249 vigilante technical drawing - Google Search

Technical Drawings & Data


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T249 Vigilante

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A really obscure vehicle, and that 120 RPM firing mode, lol! This is definitely on my list of US vehicles I want to see, plus the rest of the vehicles from the SPAA program this came from.


This would be ridiculous, absurd, impossible to use, but LETHAL when mastered. +1


Would be awesome!

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It reminds me of those jet players who one tap with ADENs, id love it

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YES… is all u need to hear

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The US needs this around 7.0 to 7.7 there is nothing till 8.3 but the Duster and 7.0 is a CAS nightmare for the US. Even the 5 cals are barely knocking birds down anymore.

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