The Swedish J35's

Hey, I just got the Swedish J35D yesterday and have been dying constantly due to the lack of flares, and I looked at the premium version which has flares. So I went ahead and did some research, and according to Wikipedia, the J35XS didn’t have flares either just like the J35D doesn’t have any, and as far as I understand only the J35DKS got flares, so either they should remove the flares from the J35XS or give the J35D flares too. And another thing I’d like to add is that it also states that the J35D also should have lead indicator since it has the PS-03/A radar with the S-7A-2 radar gunsight. Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like it should be more accurate.

Unique among Saab 35s, the Finnish DKS and DKF were at times outfitted with Soviet R-13M missiles. By the mid 1980s, the DKF and DKS were upgraded with the same extra pylons as the Swedish J 35J. By 1993 the DKS also received countermeasures by installation of two Saab BOY 402 dispensers, capable of launching flares, chaff and expendable active decoys (EAD).[77]

And this is the actual reference in the Wikipedia article:

You apparently didn’t read the Wiki page that carefully, since it goes over that the J35XS (And all other Drakens exported to Finland) had their designations changed, so the DKS is simply the Finnish designation of J35XS.

I will agree that they all need EEGS however, as the lack of tracers makes hitting even slow and stalled out targets needlessly difficult.

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