The suggestion to set an ammunition support point at the respawn point in ground-battles

Usually, this situation happens on players. That is there is no ammunition in the vehicle and A,B,C these three point are under control of the enemy so that there is no place for these players to get ammunition support. The rational change might be set an ammunition support point at the respawn point which is seem as a base camp of one side.
Hope that suggestion can help a lot.


Is this not already mentioned in the roadmap 2024?

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Indeed it is. Though its just for SPAA that needs it

ah - ok, then its especially for the swedish ones… :-)

Honestly surprised this is an issue for people. I figured everyone brought less than max ammo.

The Pvvlv and Lvkv 42 have horrible ammo capacity

Providing supply trucks for players who have exhausted all their respawn points may also be good


Ammo for SPAA in the spawn because they cannot usually fight against tanks is good, ammo for tanks in the spawn will promote spawn camping. Take more ammo and fight for an objective.

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Really? I’m going to see that.

not to forget Anti 62…

The ANTI II is much better off, When i play it i last untill i die or the match ends, even if im doing AA duties at 5.7

Once I(jp type 90) was hitted at the first-stage ammo stowage by Object 292, all the ammo(19) became just 1 in my cannon barrel. And three points were under enemy’s control. At that time, I figured it is ridiculous that I can’t get any ammo support from my base.

Yea it is, currently if you are low on ammo and the enemy has all caps or they are contested ur screwed and have to hide from CAS

I thought spaa were getting that function this year.

I figured this post was about tanks

yea. that is cool,

Utility Helicopters could work as a mobile resupply possibly?

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No way is this a good idea. We already have way too many players sitting in spawn.

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And how would you go about solving running out of ammunition while the enemy has taken all capture points?

Your team has lost. Your not going to capture them back while sitting in the spawn point. That’s likely a reason your team has failed to keep a cap point in the forest place.

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If you playlike me then?

Go to center of the map and read how the situation progresses and retreat when you notice your flanks are broken. Then you end up near your spawn while the enemy advances. So you pick off as many as you can.

I play the Pvkv II and Pvkv m/43 you cant charge with them, you plop yourself on a hill or corner. Or i play the U-sh 405 and defend a open area.