The Start of game traffic Jam ,Rework Spawn

Just putting an idea out and about.

Just played a game in GRB where I consider moving quick and getting to a certain position on the map early to be vital.

As happens all to often I am hemmed in by my own team,tripping over each other ,fast light vehicles jammed behind slow and heavy ,MG fire and gun shots of frustration from many all spawned in one spot.This can escalate and lead to real confrontation between team mates.

Now we all know two allied aircraft cannot collide with each other on the runway in GRB ,they pass through each other.So would it be a good thing if had that same physics for a minute or two after initial spawn to prevent the the nasty traffic jam from happening?

I can and will make a formal suggestion but what do you think? Is it worth bothering?


Counter argument, remove the not collide from aircraft on airfields so its fair for every one.
It would be very fun :-)


So we can have chaos there as well ? Brilliant. Lets have the ability to drop a nuke from spawn too.Save us from having to endure the game : )


This would eliminate another aspect of anti social play ,people that push you out of cover

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Sounds like a good idea.

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I was only thinking of implementing it for a minute at initial spawn but if the Devs wanted to take it further then ok. It could be something you could activate for a few seconds if you felt you were being harassed maybe.Like being pushed over a cliff or into a river by your “team mates” .

An anti bullying measure.Good call Pecanin

I’ve often thought about the problem and either we clean up the spawn so that fast vehicles spawn on the outside/front. While slower vehicles spawn at the back to avoid chaos in the first place.
Alternatively, we could think about it if you have selected a spawn point (I know not many do) then there might be three arrows for a rough direction in which you want to go. This would then influence the position in the spawn accordingly. Left, straight, right …
If that would be too complicated for the snail then I would be in favour of a simple no collision within the first 20 seconds.
I can see one problem. People tend to abuse such a mechanic for their own fun. What if someone deliberately stays inside another ally …


The spawning system for the entire game has been in need of an overhaul for many years now. But judging from past “adjustments” I do not think they consider the many spawning issues to be a problem, so . . . low priority and . . . “it’s good enough”. It seems as if they would take 1/2 the time and consideration to all the various spawning problems, in all modes, in all matches & set ups, that they do say with vehicle development . . . . what a lovely game we would have to play, yeah?
My suggestions are pretty simple and address a variety of the spawning issues:

  1. No map, in any mode, would have less than 2 spawn points for each side.
  2. Remove the markers from the mini map for the enemy/red team. Only show friendly spawns there.
  3. Make first spawns assigned by the game. Yes I know this would make many heads esplode, but hear me out. Yes, I acknowledge we are all “generals” here and it is a game. But in actual military operations, you know “realistic” scenarios, soldiers are given orders, directions and assignments to carry out. They do not really have the option to pick and choose where they get to go, yeah? At any rate, an even distribution of players between the spawn points would change how games started and were played a great deal.(Imagine no or less and smaller “lemming trains” each match!!)
    At the very least(prolly a programming nightmare) allow players to select a spawn point, those that do not make a selection are then assigned in a way that evens out the number of players per spawn.
    Besides making the match start on a more even keel, this would also eliminate a good deal of congestion.
    In ground battles I normally choose whichever spawn I know is NOT the Default where the majority of players will pop up anyway. Just to avoid the congestion and I try to do the things my team mates aren’t doing to try to help win the match . . but that’s just me.
    And lastly, and this is just something I think would help the game’s overall nature. No weapons are “live” for :20 - :30 seconds from the start of the match. This is already in game from the old “Duel” events, so shouldn’t be that difficult to implement. Imagine, no more runway tk’s in ARB . . . no more clowns popping smoke in the spawn and/or peppering all their team mates with mg’s at the start of all the tank battles . . . if not a timer, then a specific distance away from the spawn point until weapons go “live” . . . seems like a simple and reasonable thing to do that would help in so many ways to improve game play and ease player’s frustration levels . . . lol
    Anyway, we all love the game or we wouldn’t be here or playing, and we all have ideas that would improve the game(at least in our own minds . … lol) and those are just some spawning ideas I have had for a while now . . . addressing the major concerns that I see(and experience) . .

just do it like wot and have everyone lined up for 15 seconds and then let everyone start moving