The SIM forum is really slow

Where has every one disappeared …?

There were few users any way…now it’s crickets…

I think too much is to much. Last changes do better for economy but overall game experience was not change. Gunsigh still not working, wonky and inaccurate FM’s. “Balance” game by decreasing radar/missile performance of some planes.
Basically is easier to write what is done right than what is over simplified and made with minimal effort.

I’m not surprised that meany of my friends just chose BoS or DCS.

Its the forum in general. Gunna take a very long time for the forum community to return. This forum change has killed 90% of the community

I really don’t know whats the big deal . . . .this forum is as good as any other . .runs much better on mobiles
Sure . . a lot of old threads have got lost . .nobody is stopping the creation of new ones

Ah well . . . .can’t be a WarThunder forum if there isn’t some drama


Well Giggles . .look at the bright side

You will always have me

No matter what