The Rework of Sand of Tunisia Map

As the title explain, gaijin reworked the Sands of Tunisia map, into a CQB (“COD” style) map, that they removed the sniping elevations on the map, on the A side and shorten the map by 50m, which they also shorten the border near A- G 1. On the small version, of Tunisia where A is, they also removed the camping spot, They didn’t change the Town, where the C cap is, I think.

Was it a necessary change to this map ?
Could Gaijin fix some spot on this map and spawn camping spots ?

I would love every one opinion on this change.

Picture one is the old map of Tunisia
shot 2024.06.01 23.25.38(1)(1)

Second picture is the New Tunisia Map
shot 2024.06.01 23.27.35(1)(1)

  • Should gaijin keep the old Tunisian map for GRB
  • Should gaijin keep the reworked Tunisian map for GRB
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I despise the trend of constantly reducing map size and cutting off flanking routes/vantage points.

Please keep the original, it is one of the few big maps we still have left and it would be a shame to see it shrink over time until it’s just another close quarters COD map.


What does it look like from the ground? Knowing the way they worked they probably bulldozed every sand dune so it’s a flat wasteland.


From the ground, it’s a lot flatter than before and with only the town on the A side being more open than it used to be.

The B cap doesn’t have the hill anymore and the camping spot for B is in the open, so catching people from the other side of the cap will be a lot easier than before.

credit to Steel making a video on it.


it is a shame that they seem to be alergic to evevation change cant wait to see them the flatten fulda or any of the maps remaing with evevation they have been removing the elevation from sands of sinai with this update getting rid of the last bit of it


My god, it’s worse than I thought.

Why can’t they just let the map be?


Well thankfully I don’t play top tier, because there is no where to hide in that version from CAS.

I don’t understand their logic when it comes to adjusting maps. It’s like one member designs the map, and then the ‘balance’ crew takes it over and adds their red zones and no go zones.


That’s why I like the rework.
It keeps the ranges long and adds more flanking options.

Newer maps are all anti-COD, and that’s great.

Huge improvements all around, I count at least 3 new flanking routes, and potential for more engagements longer than 1km.

It should’ve been changed to remove the “drive for 15 secs, then shoot at enemies who just left spawn,” but it shouldn’t have been done by changing the map that drastically.

Gaijin removing all elevation and tons of cover on part of the map is just stupid. Why does Gaijin hate elevation changes?


someone could say smt smt gun depression…


@Smin1080p please, for the love of god, tell gaijin to let the community vote on this at the very least, or revert this decision altogether. Sands of Tunisia is one of the rare maps in WT thats actually any good in this day and age, particularly for top tier.

Please dont unilaterally ruin one of the only good ground battles maps this game has remaining.


But on the plus side, you can get up on the rocks again!

Used to be best map. This wouldn’t even be bad as a variant of the best map, but reworking Tunisia is just going to ruin the only map balanced for just about anything you wanted to use.


I might be a minority here, but I quite like the rework of Tunisia, at first glance it actually fixes the spawn to spawn camping that took place around the A cap so it’s already better in my books, they also got rid of the bridge. I don’t mind it, it was a weird landmark. My only major complaint is the fact that they made it smaller by 50m and the fact that you CANNOT flank around the A cap anymore (probably as a consequence of trimming the map by 50 meters), yet again Gaijin removing tactics from the game.

Flanking around the A cap from the edge of the map was my go-to tactic for Tunisia, so yeah, flanking plays are not allowed as usual.


this map just must be removed.


keep the old Sand of Tunesia map and this one as a new one (Sand of Tunisia 2 ?),
old one for 9.3+ And new one for low stuff or smt…

but stop ruining the last good maps…


Please don’t shove bad maps to a lower BR just because it is slightly smaller, this is just flat out bad all around.

It doesn’t solve the issue of easy spawn sniping, it just removes cover, removes some flanks, and flattens the map. None of this is better at any BR.

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the new version itself is not bad

but the old one fits better for top tier
Its one of the few maps where you can actively? shoot on 2.0 km range or more
And i Personal love long range fights (the reason i started war thunder ground forces, otherwise i would stick to “the other game” for knife fights"
yes yes spawn sniping, i know i love to do it on both sides
and if you don’t like it don’t just drive straight forward

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Same I mostly like the changes.

Sure I do agree that they should have kept it 4x4 km, but I’m just so happy that the big hill/mountain in the middle is gone.

If they moved the spawns back to where they were and slightly tweak the ridges to give the spawns a bit more protection, I think it would be great.