The Rework of Sand of Tunisia Map

At first I didn’t fully understand what was done, then I went into the map, drove to B, and realised I recognised nothing. Please Gaijin, do not remove the heights. It was one of the most unique capture points in WT, and the routes to it made for some interesting battles and its commanding position over the map allowed people to go to the other capture points, but also gave the team who is able to hold B an advantageous position. Rework the spots with LOS to the spawn, sure. But please don’t remove the entire heights.


This was my favourite GRB map, it allowed a wide range of tanks to excel, CQB at the C point and long range at the A point. It was a very unique map with its large size, which should really be the standard size, and very differing and realistic terrain which provided good cover.
In contrast the new version is smaller, has less cover, no long range area’s and has really become like any other map, with a close resemblance to sands of sinai.

A few good changes would be opening the B point up a little, but keeping the same rocky area and height which was completely destroyed in the new version.
Making the river more crossable, which was done in the new version, but I would still prefer a few deep parts of the river to create a few more choke points.

The main problem with the new map though has to be the mini map design, it looks like mouldy bread now.


Your map has character? (the center mountain/rocks) I have a button for that, delete!

In all seriousness, that was an awesome part of the map, even if they make it a giant un-traversable out-of-map-zone, it would retain the character that so few maps seem to have nowadays, also, very surprised they wanted to change this desert map and not another, cough cough sands-of-sinai cough cough cough

Don’t have the dev server, so It’d be nice if someone could check for me, but from that video, the spawn looked WAY more open, maybe less LOS from the other spawn, but from whatever vantage spots that survived?

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I hope this input leads to something, and doesn’t get shifted to the side bc “statistics” that get wrongly used or only are one aspect of the situation.

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It’s less vaginal shaped now… That may just be me, but I always saw a vagina looking at that map…


If this offended anyone I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to

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@Smin1080p can perhaps suggest this to the dev’s please.

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This whole change to Tunisia is awful, and removes the dynamic nature of the map, now it will just be a sniper fest… Thank you so much gaijin, you truly know what the players want


Awful changes. But what can you expect from Gaijin at this point?



You can see how the new spawns work…

I have to agree. I hate when they change maps for the “better”. They need to make bigger maps for newer tanks. For example T72A and T64A and newer there should be alot bigger maps and this also helps with the spawn camping issue, but this would give countries with weaker tanks like Italy a chance to fight. I dont like the CQB style crap for modern tanks.


Also not hard to make mid range, long range, and close quarters areas on large maps for the players who prefer different types of engagements.

Absolute dreadful map rework, it’s like someone at gaijin has a vendetta against fun maps. That or someone there doesn’t like to get sniped at long range because it means they have to use an ounce of there brain instead smashing a crayon into there mouth and hitting the keyboard.


I’m sorry Gaijin but this is just terribly botched job. I’m saying that from the customer’s perspective, as each year I buy a year of premium account and quite frankly this isn’t what I’m paying for.
I understand that some players don’t like this map but from the poll results we can draw the conclusion that majority of the players that actually care about this map liked the old one better. Please revert the changes.


I used to play world of tanks before this and they came up with the bright idea to mess about with the maps, as i recall it ended up with a player uproar nearly all were funnel maps totally ruined the game play and enjoyment.
That was due to their devs ( not actually playing their creation so no idea how it works out for players) tweeking this map and that turning good defensive maps into run of the mill A to B spawn camping games bloody nightmare it was too .So i came here now history is going to repeat itself on here


what I don’t understand is why mess about with things if nothing is wrong with them?.
The more they change the more they ruin the game


Too many maps have obnoxious amounts of foliage and small trees, though. For Normandy it contextually makes some sense, as the French Bocage was so atrocious they needed specialized tanks to cut through it.

But everywhere else? It’s a big slap in the face.

“Oh look, this map is nice and open, imagine finally being able to use mid-long-range engagement tactics and make heavy armor matter!”

Snail then previously would make so-called “open” maps so overloaded with bushes and small trees that the map was functionally another CQC map, except all walls can be shot through.

Thus I am cautiously optimistic about the changes to Tunisia. How I would love to see it in my Panzer IVs and Shermans and T-34s. Seriously, I would. Same with having large Maginot with all those like we once had, because large Maginot is not bush-choked.

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It’s called large (aka NORMAL)-size Maginot Line.

There’s a city if you want to brawl. There’s a small pocket of buildings and fields around for mid-range. There are several shallow hills for sniping.

One cap in each area. Everyone is happy.

Contrary to popular belief, not even Russian tanks do all that well in urban maps. No tanks do. Russians with their trolly armor ingame are a bit luckier, but that is all (and personally at low tier fun tier, Sherman turret faces are leagues trollier than T-34s in my opinion).

Maginot is a fucking joke.

Having played most important toptier trees, Russia and America both perform fine in urban engagements, unlike other nations that have not received remotely correct armour or munitions.

Which size are we talking? The shriveled raisin-size arcade version is a joke, indeed.

The full-size version is what I miss getting in my Shermans, T-34s, and Panzer IVs.

If you think maginot is somehow the pinnacle of map design regarding the principles I’ve outlined, not entirely sure you’re worth engaging with. It is a short map with nothing remotely close to long range, and medium range is a stretch.

The large version is entirely substandard at toptier. Tunisia was not, now it is.