The rewards for Naval should be quintupled

The rewards for naval should be increased to incentivize players from other game modes to play it.


No. It would merely re-introduce the hordes of SL farmers and bots with battles full of 1 death quitters with their Knox or Moffet and nothing else.



USS Moffet rewards are unchanged. What was changed was the economy, people were allowed to play the game. When I say rewards I don’t mean exclusively silver lions, as these are already much higher than other modes. The research rate of naval should also be increased drastically.

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they should defo make either rp reward bigger or reduce rp for ships


If you only want RP research boosts then your OP is misleading.

That I could support, although x4 is asking far too much.

I did not say that either.

Rewards for Naval should be increased.


Not talking SL, and not RP either…maybe you should try being more precise than merely "rewards’ if it’s neither of these.

And why not x times? Because it just sounds like a random number when applied across all ships without specifying exactly what reward you mean.

Its just to vague.

The rewards at the end of a match are in both SL and RP.

Quintupled means by 5 times.

I do not believe so.

Gaijin already split tech tree because the argument was that players want to play cool ships right away and not waste time with boats.


They test driven reserve destroyers and never touched naval again

Gaijin increased rewards on premium ships which only resulted in botting.

If you dont like naval in this state, you never will

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You really don’t want to incentivize players to only play naval just to farm SL any more than the game already does. That is literally asking for passive behaviors like camping and botting instead of pursuing mission objectives that makes the game experience even worse.

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Yes they were correct.

I’m not a bot.

With players like you playing it it’s a wonder why the mode is dead.

That is not what I’m suggesting although that is already a feature.

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What incentive is there for doing this now? The most rewarded activity in Naval is staying alive.

Usually tasks and achievement goals. Also actually winning games, team play, etc. The “players” who sit in the back of the map and snipe the whole game just to rack up damage SL contribute very little to the outcome of the game.

Why did you created this thread then?

You are also not only player. If you do changes that affect thousands of people you need to assume the worst.

I could see this done for Cost’all TT but the bluewater TT is already in a rather sweet spot as far as its economy goes unlike the other tree which sits in a far worse economy with ships that cost so much to unlock an repair while fighting basically free stuff that gives little rewards when sunk ntm basically 2018 era ammunition costs (you think spending 800 sl for 10 APFSDS shells is bad? Wait until 40k of your gains go poof from the ammunition costing 6700 sl per belt).

Tried Naval. I found it to be one of the most boring things I’ve ever tried. I will never do it again unless there are major changes.

I don’t think any amount of SL will make players want to play naval. From all the negative posts about naval, it doesn’t look to ever get better. If there was more positive experiences and changes, then maybe would we see more playing it.

Current SL rewards in naval are pretty generous if you play decent. I would not mind the extra SL, but don’t feel it would help improve naval player population.

Naval is a fun mode, but it depends on what you’re trying to do for fun. Destroyer and smaller gameplay can be exciting and dynamic, but cruisers and above devolve into borng still to still skirmishes. The battleship improvements recently made them strong contenders again, but it isn’t exciting to see every large ship sit still in the spawn waters to barrage other unmoving targets.

Another problem is the shell types available to some ships. Destroyers that carry only HE shells can do nothing when compared to ships with SAP ammunition. Detonating ammo racks is the way to live in naval, but HE nations like Germany and Japan are just really rough to start out in.

The rewards are fine where they are though, especially for bluewater ships. The SL gain is off the charts, and RP gain is pretty good as long as you deal damage and are active. Costal ships can get a bit slow, but that is because of the weird matchmaking with early bluewater ships and the divide that weaponry makes.

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Gaijin does not value team play forcing “wins” for progression is asinine I’ve seen the system in World of Tanks it’s atrocious.

Yet are rewarded the most.