The RD-33 Series 3 STILL has lower performance than the german series 2. they did not fix it yet

screenshot of the stock engine on the SMT, and on the G. the G STILL outperforms the russian counterpart despite being much lighter. and before you guys say it, yes. 20 kgf more thrust does make a difference. especially since the SMT frame is much heavier. the engines are meant to account for that.

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They are gonna add Su27 as a compensation

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SU-27 won’t be added for a little while due to it’s comparatively OP missile loadouts.

They can limit the armaments for now

I think it would be a massive joke if the SU-27 had it’s 10 hardpoints limited down to 6 or the missiles on them to a lesser quality.

An SU-27 can fly out with 4x R-73s, 2x R-27ETs and 4x R-27ERs.

While I know this measure has been done on other planes, it’s just annoying how only some pylons will be able to carry ERs while others are artificially restricted.

well same thing goes for other way around
No su-27 no F-15

F-15A only carries the same payload at the F-14B does which is 4x AIM-9L/Ms with BOL dispensers and 4x Sparrows.

As this loadout config is already in game, it would be fine.

It benefits no one playing the “if I can’t have this you can’t have that” without any rhyme or reason card.

F-15A didnt have access to any sort of Countermeasure systems initially, this includes BOL dispensers as Well.

Also why would we got another plane that doesnt offer anything special or new? İts obvious Gaijin will introduce Gripen-C alongside with Fox-3 missiles so F-15C and Su-27 will be much better choice in this case.

Just because the F-15 loadout is similar to the F-14’s, doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer something new…

The F-15’s radar will be vastly superior in WT, and the aircraft will be in general much easier to fly than the F-14, seeing as the F-14 has a more finnicky radar and the swing wing mechanics. The aircraft also just flies differently than the F-14, and has a higher TWR.

It’d be pretty silly to skip over the F-15A with sparrows quite frankly, but the mix of players complaining about America getting “another” jet (not gaijins fault America made so many different operational aircrafts) and gaijin moving much too fast with their implementation of new weaponry when they are already holding back fox 1’s substantially to cater to the playerbases low skill level and total lack of understanding of radar missile combat has lead to this situation…

F-15A’s radar wasnt that amazing like you mentioned, it was the F-15C who had that kind of radar.

And how do you plan to survive in a plane that doesnt have any sort of countermeasures? Until MISP upgrade F-15A didnt have any defensive capabilites and with MISP upgrade it basically becomes F-15C at that point.

İ dont know about your preferences when it comes to torturing yourself but personally i dont want to fly with a jet that doesnt have any defensive capabilites at top tier.

The F-15A was always designed with CMs in mind, but due to the urgency at the time to get them off the production line, they were pressed into service without them installed at the factory.

BOL dispensers can be mounted on any AIM-9 launcher rail.

As for why it would be added, that’s up for Gaijin. I personally feel it shouldn’t come until AMRAAMs are added but Gaijin has a way of pushing in new planes and leaving their munition loadouts for later updates.

New top tier vehicles always brings in the dough and gaijin loves to make money.

F-15A will drop with CMs installed in the airframe, MSIP or not.

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I never said the radar would be amazing, I said itd be vastly superior to the AWG-9 in War Thunder, which it would be.

Not the first time gaijin has added CM’s to planes that didnt have the on the simple basis that they could mount them, or added subsystems like RWR to planes. Also not the first time gaijin has butchered a newer variant of an aircraft to add it earlier on.

Thats wrong.

Until F-15C models none of them had any sort of countermeasures, this situation is even describied in flight manuels and pilots notes.

Congrats on learning that part, sadly most Usa planes didnt actually used BOL dispensers on their armament hence why they rejected my suggestion on adding BOL dispensers to F-16C and D.

Since F-15A didnt have any sort of Fox-3 capabilites best option would be F-15C, it can use both Fox-1 and Fox-3 depending on how Gaijin wants implement.

Well then good luck using your one time chaff option while staying defenceless against any sort of IR missiles.

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Congrats on your condescension, totally necessary.

It will be the same deal as the GerMiG-29 9.12 and 29G. Same plane with minor tweaks and added weapon capabilities.

You’d be silly to think that Gaijin would drop a top tier air superiority jet without a proper CM solution. Gaijin are also known to combine capabilities/systems across different variants of the same jet for gameplay balance (See F-5C using CM dispensers not used in US service, or R-24s on the MiG-23ML that weren’t able to be used until it’s upgrade into the MLA/MLD standard.)

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