The problem with the JAS 39 Gripen (Includes two Polls)

Hello, Warthunder community. As many of you already know, there has been a lot of “drama” and arguing regarding the JAS 39 coming to Warthunder. I think we all can agree on the fact that the JAS 39C coming for the UK first is a stupid decision that no one wants, though that’s up to you to decide on.

The fact is, the JAS 39C is just way stronger, and more capable than the JAS 39A. There’s no reason to screw over the Swedish player base like this. After two years of waiting for a new airframe in top tier, this is what we get? a worse variant of the plane only to have to wait even longer for a better variant?

We’d like to say that we’ll be adding the JAS39C for Sweden in the first major update of 2024. For the upcoming major update we’re still planning the A variant for Sweden and the C for the British tree (South African), with both variants having very similar loadouts, being almost identical in many areas. - Smin1080p, Community manager

So, Sweden will get a plane that’s ALREADY going to be in the game ~3 months later? And both planes “having very similar loadouts”? Yes, the loadout is probably going to be close to the same with only somewhat competitive IR missiles (Cause if it had anything more, it would be able to compete, or even be BETTER than the US and Russia’s additions, AND WE CAN’T HAVE THAT NOW CAN WE?!)

A similar loadout does not change the fact that there are many key improvements with a Gripen C over a Gripen A. Such as HMD, A stronger engine (Very important upgrade for a plane like the JAS 39), Two more missile pylons, Better RWR, Better Radar, etc. But this is conveniently left out of the response to our complaints, and instead, the focus is on the missile loadouts being very similar (still, the JAS 39A is missing two missiles compared to the C version).

Keep in mind that the JAS 39 is an aircraft made to be able to both do dogfighting and BVR, yet Gaijin is forcing it into a light fighter, dogfighting role? There’s absolutely NO CAPABILITY FOR BVR unless you feel like being completely crushed by missiles that are way better suited for BVR than the RB71 (DF). (i.e AIM7M, R27ER, Matra super 530?) keep in mind that the JAS 39A is not getting HMD, thus it will be inferior to pretty much everything that has highly maneuverable IR missiles at its BR in a dogfight, the JAS 39C/UK Gripen gets HMD though.

These planes, the F15 and JAS 39 Gripen should not have been added without early Fox 3s, the AIM120 is no god-like missile, and the game is certainly ready for them. Especially with them adding the SU27, which can give out R-27ERs and R73 (the best short-range IR missile and best Radar missile in the game) like candy to kids on Halloween. But instead…

Gaijin is quite literally making the JAS 39 Gripen something it never has been and never was made to be.

The only way to figure out how much of the community wants a change is to do a poll. Kind of hard to know what people think with everyone throwing insults at each other in the replies of a thread. Please contribute with your honest opinion on this issue, if enough of us vote, we might just have enough to make them change their decision.

  • 39A for Sweden and 39C for UK (39C for Sweden first update 2024)
  • 39C for Sweden and 39C for UK
  • 39C for only Sweden (No JAS 39 for other countries)
  • 39C for Sweden, with the 39C for UK coming later (next update?)
  • 39C for Sweden, with the 39C for UK coming way later, possibly as an event vehicle?

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And then a poll on Missiles, what missiles should the JAS 39 get as their best? Keep in mind that the current loadout planned is RB74 (M) and RB71 (DF).

  • RB74 (Aim9L)
  • RB74 (M) (Aim9M) (Czechoslovakia has used Aim9M on the Gripen)
  • RB71 (DF) (Skyflash) (Unhistorical)
  • RB99 (Aim120)

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Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, feel free to respond with your takes on this!
(note that fox3s should be added with these planes is fully my own opinion and not the main idea of this thread, although it is still relevant).


Voting Aim120 on the second poll - given that it receives it when all other nations do. Right now Aim9M. Gaijin has taken liberty in giving other jets questionable missiles in similar circumstances as the Gripen with the 9M so I don’t see why not for Gripen.

Also regarding the “Better engine” I’m pretty sure I’ve heard somewhere that it does have a stronger one - but have not been able to find a source on it. Another guy in the other thread found some engine upgrade information for the Gripen C, but no information regarding if it increased thrust or not AFAIK. It’s very hard finding specific information on Swedish jets, even the Viggen.


Not sure what to say for the second poll so I’ll put it in the comments, the Jas-39A should retain the Skyflash missiles and get downgraded to AIM-9L’s and be put at 11.7.

Sweden should receive a 39C with AIM-120A and AIM-9L/i as they used these I believe. As we know AMRAAM is coming soon after this major it might struggle for now but should definitely receive them as soon as they are added.


fair, should’ve added something about aim120 now and aim120 later

Very good thread though, thank you for putting in the effort.

now just gotta hope this thread gains some traction :)


Memes have arrived😂


And with this, I am incredibly frustrated at this situation again.


Unrelated, just realised if you’re using the Viggen to grind the Gripen, you theoretically can face a Gripen that is better than the one you are trying to reach by playing the Viggen.

This shit hurts.


I believe I found info regarding it being more fuel efficient instead of more powerful? I’ll have to skim through the 50 tabs i have open on the Gripen

goddamn, gaijin just wants to punish us swedish mains


2 years of waiting, 1 year of being stomped by 4th generation aircraft. We thought it was over, we thought that we will finally get what we needed for so long with this major update.

They took it from us, we must wait for atleast another 3 months, being taunted by the exact same thing we were suppose to get, but in a different tech tree.


Yeah 12 months of fighting MiG29s with ERs and F14/F16s with 7F/Ms with Skyflashes and no tracers in a plane that can only do one or two turns well lmao
What a kick in the teeth


Viggen D was an affront because it was only added to lengthen the grind. Grippen A repeats this scenario. Its just sad.


Gaijin has explicitly stated that all nations will get access to advanced ARH missiles at the same time on the J-8F devblog. What this means for the gripen is that we will simply and unfortunately just have to sit here and wait. The gripen could’ve been added in its current state last update, but now it’s just a 12.0 with an attitude.

Or, shocking thought, they give us the C that they literally are adding to BRITAIN.


IMO, add the JAS39A as a 12.0 with just the Rb.74 (and maybe stock Rb.24J) to the AJ Viggen line and no Rb.71 (Rb.99 later). That way the “CAS” line has a better CAS option at the end of it, and the JAS39A can theoretically be the “end” of that line. This would be like the F-16A/Mirage 2000-5F of the Swedish tech tree. Considering the overperformance of the current JAS39A, it would be better suited for a lower BR once corrected (AFAIK currently the engine is too strong, among a few other things).

Then add the JAS39C as a 12.3 with Aim-9M + the CAS options to the JA Viggen line (no Rb.71, Aim-120 later). This would be like the F-16C of the Swedish tech tree, and would give the fighter line a CAS option as well as a better fighter kit, in exchange for a higher BR and later AMRAAMs that can be balanced separately (JAS39A should only be compatible with Rb.99/Aim-120B but Sweden-ified whereas the C should be able to use later versions). Over time this would then allow the fighter line to lead to a later C variant Gripen, and then the JAS39E.


Looking at match maker

I can’t see how this suggestion would remotely go wrong.

I dont know where people are getting this from but using the WTRTI tools to look at the thrust of the plane it is pretty much exactly in line with what it should be. It is a full control canard delta that weighs nothing and flies like it.