The problem with new minor nation trees

Excellent question! We do have an independent Turkish Tech Tree project, Ground and Helicopter trees are done, with air tree being published soon. We would really love to hear your feedback!


Nice one bud I have to admit.

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I am really glad you’ve liked it <3

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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 14 M48s/M60s does not make a good tree.


We believe that vehicles like M60T/TM/A3T1/A3 TİYK are unique and bring some new spice to the game. We will consider your feedback on the amount of other variants of M48/M60s in our tree, thank you.

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The more unique M60s like the M60T and M60TM should stay, I like those. But Israel is the perfect example of what happens when there are way too many M48s and M60s. Israel has 15 of them and it’s not pretty.

Yeah, they are doing it because they have no other choice, I have no idea why Israel was a thing at first, its lowering the bar for tree requirements too low.

We have more options than Israel and we should utilize it. We will start working on it now and will release an update soon, feel free to join our server to stay tuned or share more feedback, we really need those.

As an Israeli, I firmly agree that Israel should have remained a subtree to the US and not been an independent tree.



This? Just your typical T-34 with some vismods.

452M 1

Copy-paste P-38 Lightning, as evidenced by the twin tail.


All-aspect missiles, thermals, LGBs and 40 km ranged AGMs? 9.3 material at best.

PASARS pair sourced

Typical Pantsir copy-paste. It is well known that Russia patented the truck with AA gun.

In fact, I would suggest removing everything past 7.0 and making top tier an M48 Patton vs T-54 vs Centurion death battle. Everything else is a derivative anyway, why would you want to play it? Low tier? What’s that?


The Vihor isn’t based on anything: it was locally designed and made.

Another response that radiates utter ignorance, I’d be surprised if you could tell the difference between WW2 and modern day at all.


Rare Thanosaekk appearance

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I want to see all of these vehicles. I want to play them. I love all of these unique minor nation vehicles and as I said in my post, subtrees are an amazing way to add these. Subtrees allow them to add all of these super interesting and unique vehicles that deserve to be represented ingame without all the copy-paste that comes with an independent tree. My issue is independent trees, not the unique vehicles.

Why are you so toxic?
Looks like it was me who hit your nerve. Vehicles looking Russian or Soviet is not a argument. I know some of it looks Soviet because guess what? Those countries were behind the Iron Curtain. It’s kinda obvious they would use parts or were inspired by Russian designs. That doesn’t make them Russian. Putting a Chevrolet V8 into a Fiat Panda doesn’t make it Chevrolet car.


Sub-trees are also an amazing way of wasting the potential of a bunch of nations such as the shown Yugoslav stuff.


Exactly. I don’t like copy-paste vehicles which is why I don’t support independent trees, but these nations have so many unique vehicles that should be in subtrees. It being based on another country’s vehicle is still unique if it’s modified enough.

Exactly. I really want Yugoslavia ingame, I just want it as a subtree so we can get only the unique things.

Too much to stuff into just a single line tho, that’s my point :/

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Oh I read “wasting” as “adding”

By your standards what makes a unique vehicle?

Just folder most of them, and things like bombers go in that nation’s standard bomber line.