The problem with Gaijins "BR Decompression"

So as you know they upped the BRs again recently in an attempt to help out WW2 era vehicles. However instead of decompressing the BR’s they just moved the problems up.
Essentially - its like when you were a kid and told to clean your room. You “cleaned” your room however, you just shoved all the stuff under the bed. The problem is still there but I guess it looks alright for your parents.

For example. My Cent 5/1 is now 7.7. This tank is slow, no armor, and while is has a great gun - Gaijin refuses to address the problems of APDS so most of the time you shoot someone its either shell shattered or death by 1000 needles (haha remember when they said aircraft cannons not spalling was a feature not a bug). Now its going to see tanks with more pen - better guns and armor. Nice.

The other problem is aircraft - we really have no seen aircraft decompression at all. There are aircraft that are over BR’d to high hell and dont even get me started on the 9.0-10.0 problems.

We need true decompression - more BR ranges ie like 7.3 - 7.5 - 7.7 so we can fine tune tanks and their abilities and make a much more balanced playable experience for both AC and Tanks.


The BRs were over-decompressed back in January.
11.0s were moved up to 11.7 with no real change to the 9.7s prior with only a few 9.7s moving up to 10.0, not even 10.3.

So no, this didn’t move the problem up, the decompression at top BR is still by 0.3.


They weren’t, there was alot of decompression, and there still is. The top BR should be closer to 14.0, because there still is compression, mostly in Air RB.

Lots of decompression needs to happen in order for War thunder to be fully balanced.

I would rather have too much decompression, than any compression.

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Decompression did start.
It takes time to analyze thousands of vehicles & decide where they go in the future increased spread.

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I absolutely agree that the BR of 7.0-7.7 is a mess right now. Its is constant uptiers to 8.3 or most of the time 8.7 but I dont think the solution is adding more BR steps though. That wont solve the issue. We need to extend the overall BRs or in the short term put a BR cap at 7.7 to stop this.

Just don’t play 7.7 right now. Play 6.7 instead. Play 7.0, 7.3.
The more popular the BR, the more it’ll be uptiered.
7.7 is popular right now cause it finally saw some decompression so people are using the vehicles.

Well yes, I was one of them but it is a real problem at the moment. 7.7s went from seeing HEAT-FS at mostly 8.0 games, which was already bad, to seeing APFSDS rounds with laser rangefinders and stabilizers at 8.7 most games. Gaijin needs to hear how bad it is ASAP.

Um, the 8.7s were the ones with APFSDS & laser range finders.
They already brought those ones up in BR.

if you read my comment again you will see that i am talking about 8.7s which is what 7.7s are being brought up to.

It’s a decent first step. Putting the Leopard solidly above the tanks laughably considered it’s comtemporaries under the previous scheme helped. But ultimately, all it did was change which tanks were overly compressed. Now instead of late/post WW2 tanks getting stomped by HEATFS and Sabot, it’s early cold war tanks getting stomped by LRF, APFSDS and stabilizers. The next step would be moving most of >9.0 up by 0.3/0.7, and raising the BR cap to somewhere near 12.3-13.0. This will allow enough space to have things at their proper BRs.

And there’s a few tanks that really didn’t need to move up the way they did. M48, T95E1, 20 pounder Cents, etc.

Time will tell if HEATFS remains a problem.
I am two weeks away from playing ground again consistently cause Su-25BM & F-16A MLU matters more than experiencing 7.7 right now, but my Maus is ready.

i was playing 7.3 before they made my 7.3 vehicles 7.7 for no reason

the br changes are the worst thing they could do for the game, at least for the nation of germany, it is unplayable, all the tanks that went up from br are at a disadvantage, in br 6.7 all the tanks are better, and the the russians simply and they didn’t touch anything, the is 3 are too unbalanced, it’s just one of the examples and you choose a tiguer 2 and you keep facing the t 54, you go to a higher tier and you find the leopart in 8.0 and you see that They are all 9.0 arrow ammunition, with very large armor and hold and what do you have to offer? I’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s due to pure ability, you still go up more and you find that the leopart1 a1 and the leopart 1a5 are also at a great disadvantage, although it is true that the leopart a5 has thermals and a lazer rangefinder, they pair you up against an abrams or challenger that is far above the tank for example and not to mention the leopart 2k did absolutely nothing to help but strangely if some russian tanks, which we return to the topic of the previous br, the preference for the nation of russia is too noticeable .
If you want to make changes by separating vehicles, think and analyze in an objective, not simple way, in mind, because it is Germany or any other nation that is not Russia, you have to play at a disadvantage.

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UK 7.7 is completely unable to play normally

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Surely prioritise all the other vehicles (almost all vehicles) that also made the change in BR? Rightfully the leo 1 is not exactly the same as all the old 7.3s and now we can show that again (as an example).

Or in a full uptier (use lights/TD/SPAA/Aircraft which are designed for uptiers) are you thinking every enemy is top BR?

This is a second step of many and knee jerk reactions are just that currently.

So play russia 6.7 wait i found a problem if everyone is going to play russia 6.7 who we going to shoot

Cause your 7.3s were bullying 6.3s.

Why 6.7 Soviets?
6.7 USA is the strongest.
6.7 Germany is strong.
6.7 Japan is strong.
6.7 Britain is strong if you get Cent Mk2.
French 6.7…

No one was getting bullied by centurions. Any nation at 6.3 is going to expect to be fighting Tiger 2s, and if you can pen a tiger 2 you can pen a centurion much easier.

On the flip side, centurions need to hit heavy armor to generate any postpen at all. Its very common to overpen or kill single crew. So yes, they have a stab, but that doesn’t compensate for the huge disadvantage APDS and HESH have over other round types.

What it comes down to is that brits have been constantly nerfed for a long time now despite maintaining mid-low 40% WRs. Its been that way as long as we have been able to track stats. And look at brit BR clustering if you don’t think theirs a bias against brits. Nearly no clusters left with more than 2 functional vehicles at a BR.

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Yeah laughable to compare vehicles with very similar and better capabilities to be contemporaries, it should be amongst all the fully stabilized, thermals, armored and AFPSDS vehicles.

my 5/1 was not bullying anyone

literally death by 1000 needles tank