The new aiming reticle and mouse circle fix is absolutely garbage

Like seriously what about vertical targeting??? The entire point of vertical targeting, and the fact that it has a certain distance set, is that when you have an enemy at a certain distance set equal to vertical targeting aiming then pointing the reticle at them and shoot will allow the gun to hit the target. Now with the new system, no matter how much the gun is elevated by vertical targeting, the reticle is elevated by the same amount. This makes vertical targeting literally useless as no matter how far you set it to be the bullets will go under the reticle. I get the point that the update is to fix game issues, but this huge mistake is still unacceptable. It is so easy to not mess up this hard - just give the new feature as an option instead. I simply don’t understand why they decide to make changes, and so carelessly that they don’t give a **** about the experience of playerbase before making that decision. I don’t know how many of you feel the same about the new change, but I’d imagine many of you will feel the same when you try the new system. I really hope the devs can see it and let us have the option of not choosing to use the new reticle as a setting.

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So the aiming reticle shows the vertical targeting difference now? Is that what you are saying?


Basically if u used vertical targeting at 400m and u want to hit something 400m away, you point reticle at them straight and shoot and you can hit them. Now however your reticle is artificially lifted upwards by Gaijin and when you shoot you see your bullets drop below your reticle as soon as you shoot, just as if you had no vertical targeting at all.

tldr; vertical targeting at any distance presents the bullets the same relative to reticle

Thats pretty great TBH, now using vertical aiming at closer ranges will be much easier and make alot more sense for aiming overall. It’s position is basically higher in relative position to the aiming circle, correct? Seems like they just made it similar to ground vehicles in bino view when you adjust the gun’s range.

Sorry bro I think I might have explained myself very poorly, but essentially what happens is that no matter if you have vertical targeting at any distance or not, you will see the bullets performing the same way, which is not having vertical targeting. This is because the aiming reticle is lifted upwards, and bullets are hence always going to go under the aiming circle. So if you think it is easy to aim then why not just use no vertical targeting, its the same thing.

So does the reticle move upwards in comparison to the aiming circle?

in short, no matter what you have vertical targeting set to, it acts like you have it disabled (like it is by default).
They basically just took away a feature


In short, that doesn’t answer my question. Thanks though. I guess I’ll have to see when I get off work. If it adjusts the reticle vetically in comparison to the aiming circle then they didn’t take away a feature, they just adjusted how it works.

It’s the same. I tried vertical guidance on my Me262 and it definitely fired the shell in an arc like it should. I don’t know what you did, but the sustem seems normal to me.


Sounds stupid, no idea why after 10 years you just change it.

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They didn’t change it. Still working like normal.

I went on and tested again, the bullets still goes below aiming reticle - it used to go above reticle and then fall to the reticle at the vertical targeting distance you set. Maybe you had no vertical targeting set at all or you were too close with too much velocity so it didn’t show? Try playing a slower plane and stay at the same pace with an enemy at a relative distance in a test flight, and the difference should then be obvious.

Why would you not test while stationary on the runway, to ensure no added variables?

I tried an Me 262 (with its wonderfully slow rounds) and vertical targeting seems to work the same as before, both with the rounds flying above your point of aim until they pass down through your set zero distance (this is indeed how zeroing is supposed to work), as well as actually angling the guns upward.

Left: without vertical targeting
right: with vertical targeting

Just wondering: Is the majority using vertical targeting?

It’s probably an unintentional behaviour, based on the changes to mouse control with guns that weren’t alligned with the flying direction of the plane.

This changes makes it much easier to aim these guns, since now the plane will move to point the gun where you want it, instead of the pointing the plane where it should fly.

That this will cause some problems with other mechanics or planes was to be expected 😬

No, I used the Me-262 Jabo because I know the 30mm rounds are slow and need a high firing arc when vertical targeting is on. It worked as normal, no issues.

I use vertical targeting and ways have. 300m for turn fighters 500 for B&Z.

tried and indeed works as proper - can confirm that all guns works well. but went back to 12.7 america and its behaving different from how i tested it last time, at this point idk whats happening, but glad that it works again for now