The need for smaller air rb matches (10.7 and up)

I made this in the dev server section but I feel that it needs to also be on here since it just does not effect the dev server rather the whole current air rb mode.
I will also note I want air rb EC, but that would be a new mode if we are honest with ourselves.

So anyway I feel that a big chunk of balancing issues are made worse by the absurd amount of aircraft that take part meaning any given player is usually chased by 3 players at once, if we went to a smaller battle size of 8v8 (old limit was 12v12 and even that was too much) a good chunk of the issues we have seen with lack of team work and everyone flying low because otherwise at least 16 missiles will all fly at you, someone on the dev server very accurately put it into perspective with the Su-27 that is coming, 32 planes launching 320 missiles in one match.

Now doesn’t that just seem absurd?

  • Keep 16v16
  • Old 12v12
  • 8v8
  • 6v6 (what the dev server had for the first few minutes of it being open)

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Now I will list the upsides of less players in one match:

  • Quicker queue times (gaijin loves this sentence)

  • A chance for the aircraft that rn are so far out of the meta they might as well not be ingame

  • Easier to add back semi Historical nation matchups to at least make top tier battles somewhat interesting again

  • Reduce the need for super large maps (I like large maps but they only got this large due to player count, a good middle ground between these and the old ww2 era ones would be great for 8v8 and 6v6) so they can be more interesting like Eastern City without being just flat and super open like Sinai

And for anyone that may dislike this idea they could simply move what current top tier is to air ab because at these BRs it is empty because air rb is basically the same with better payouts.

Please leave your thoughts below I am horrible at expressing my thoughts.

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Yeah maybe quicker matchmaking will be what ends up convincing Gaijin. But best thing to do is to vote in the thread linked above my comment, as it’s a suggestion.

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Like your idea - but it looks like your thread will soon be closed:

Have a good one!

aight thanks

I got the Gripen on the dev server and 9/10 games I just trade missile kills with the first person that sees me. It is a complete waste of time to load in, fly 5 mins, and die instantly to an unflareable missile trade.

Smaller team sizes would just increase the time to find someone to die instantly against.

I say:
-Keep 16v16
-Lower spotting range
-Buff flares
-Give us air spawns closer to the battle
-Spread out the objectives

I am at the point where I am not going to grind out the new top tier jets when they come out because the ARB game mode just isn’t fun at 11.0+.

I am sorry but what you are saying to me sounds like you want a weird hybrid between AB and RB, I understand your sentiment, however you also have to account for the mentality that people have when they see less aircraft around, and 16v16 was also said to be bad when it was added, people have been against it for a while, revert to 12v12 sure but not this chaotic mode we have now

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8v8 would work.

If not that, then adding a lot more bases and ground targets, spreading them around the map more, and adding at least 2 more spawn locations. 16v16 wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t all bunched up in the middle.

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With the introduction of the upcoming update “air superiority” these new jets and the missiles they carry will make this problem so much worse we need changes made sooner rather than later! I don’t see myself playing top tier for much longer if nothing is done about it. The big EC maps that you see from 10.7+ I don’t actually mind 16v16 it is much less crowded and chaotic than the smaller maps such as (city) and (alternate history Spain) but I rarely see those larger maps in rotation which is another issue gaijin needs to fix (map rotation). On the smaller maps I think it should be 12v12 or 10v10 but we need more than just a player reduction, having all the ground targets and bases centralised around the middle of the map only exacerbates the problem even more.

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EC is 100% needed, however air rb should just be capped to 8v8 at 10.7 and up, for the simple reason of lowering the amount of players can lessen the issues of any given plane because when there is less overall a players individual skill is more important and with 8v8 unlike 16v16 a sudden steamroll of a team is less likely to happen since a cascading effect wont be as bad due to multiple people attacking the same people like a swarm and suddenly the enemy team has 1 guy left and he has no chance of winning

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