The MM

One can not help but be impressed by the skill of the team that the matchmaker decides will be unopposed.

Check this thread:

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I don’t either but today I have had many matches where there is clearly only one team involved. I admit that I am a French main and this is a disadvantage but it does seem that good battles are not a priority. I have had streaks of battles where it is down to the last few tickets on both sides. Such battles are wonderful but all too rare. All of this is in my opinion and I realize that I may be utterly wrong.

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This is imho the main driver for most long term players why they keep playing after so many years:

Playing for the perfect match in the meaning of close matches fighting equally skilled opponents, maybe even turning a match whilst being outnumbered and in ticket disadvantage - so having a perfect mix of fun and challenge. And yes - way too rare, but worth it…