The missile knows where it is but I sure don't( invisible missiles)

Why is air to air missile launch detection delay even a thing in game?

and why does it have such a large time delay. like the best you can get it to is 0.5 seconds which close range is easily enough to kill you before you see it.

I feel the delay should at least get to 0 seconds and start at 1 instead of 2.

its often buggy and even when staring straight at an enemy silly spotting system mechanics can delay it further leading to your death. you can’t even say it’s a realism thing because smoke in the air doesn’t just hide from you for a whole second.

I don’t know what update they brought this in but it’s another terrible addition to the game

Also struggle with this. Especially if you are higher ping player, my missiles don’t work properly half the time they fly off in different directions. I lose most head to head because of ping delay, frustrating

I usually have 20 to 0 ping on most games and play on movie settings eliminating the possibility of performance issues and it still happens lmao.

funny how the game gets all the hard stuff right and then all the basic mechanics which require no skill or thought wrong.

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Invisible missile bug is the thing that has been happening since AAM was implemented in this game.
I don’t know why Gaijin can’t fix this bug after almost 5 years of supersonic jets and AAM coming.