The Missile Does NOT Know Where It Is

So I finally unlocked jets for the first time. Worked Sweden up to 9.3 and holy snail was I shocked at how bad the RB-24s are. Rear-Aspect lock at 1-2km and they still miss half the time. Not to mention everyone else has flares. Am I using them wrong? Because I feel that if its not a 100% straight shot, youre going to miss.

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Its an aim9b so it will suck. The starter missiles suck so you have to be very careful when using them.

They are slow and only have 10G of pull so try to only use them on slow aircaft or one that you snuck behind and within no more than 1.5km

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Well that doesnt hardly seem fair considering every match I am in I have approximately 4 AIM-9Ls on me as soon as the match starts.

Welcome to the weird br bracket that is anything that plays 10.0. Where the attack jets are slow bricks and get aim9ls/r60ms because of their flight performance. It doesn’t make much sense. You just can’t go near any A10s or Su25s.

The a10 is generally not too bad to deal with. They are slow enough that you can get around them.

My usual strat for them is to go up above them then come down behind. Of course pass over them high enough that they wont see/engage you. Assuming they are near sea level, around 3km alt is good for passing over. Most a10, especially a10a, players are not very good and it is easy to get the jump on them

Yea sweden doesn’t really get good IR missiles till top tier, as the first competent non Aim-9B missile is 10.3
(and the 24J is still barely useful with only 18g and rear aspect)
and your first all aspect IR is 11.0 and still only a R-60MK/Aim-9L