The Minibase AA Problem


Recently Gaijin changed midfield AA so that it only shoots at aircraft carrying anti-ground weapons or those that have destroyed ground targets. This is good, but the AA coming from the bombing bases in props is the same hitscan AA coming from the bases, but less intensive.

This is incredibly annoying for those of us bringing rockets in the anti-air role. When playing the Me 410 A-1/U2 I’m forced to avoid a big part of the map while trying to have fun.

Please, nerf mini-base AA in props or make an exception for certain rockets such as Wfr. 21 set on timed fuse.


Yeah It is annoying for me when I play MiG-15bis or MiG-17 and bring S-21 rockets.

I’ll just be trying to play the game and the minibases will put oil leaks on both engines or turn the entire plane yellow.