The maus

It has 180-260mm of side armor on the hull and turret.
The entire turret of the Maus is better armored than the Jagdtiger.

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Much better. On top of that, it has a turret, the coax (the big deal everyone always forgets, that’s a massive firepower increase), the APHEDS round, and better reverse gear, even if it’s much less mobile overall.

It also has much more empty room inside and a fairly complex internal compartment layout.


Sure but not for a 7.7 tank 😄

There’s also not really that much difference between the front of Maus and Jagdtiger.

The Jagdtiger has 250mm cast (235mm RHA), the Maus 232mm rolled, that quickly goes up from the small area that has no sloping in the middle to the edges.

If you can’t pen a Jagtigers superstructure, you not going to pen a Maus turret from the front either.

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The one thing the Maus truly does worse than the Jagdtiger in game, other than mobility, is reload.

In every other respect it has significant advantages.

My friend got a nuke with it the other day, so I beg to differ, he even j’ed out to use the nuke.

angle your maus and you will never have problems in a downtier. I would avoid spawning it in an uptier but it’s godly in a downtier.

Hope it stays at 7.7 because even if it’s strong now many nations have heat slingers still as counters.

Even in uptiers you have plenty of survivability because of how roomy the tank us. I’ve spawned it in uptiers for the lolz in the past and while challenging, it can be fun, too.

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fun but the chance that you drove 5 minutes to the frontline and then die to apfsds or something else is higher. Getting killed wouldn’t be that bad but wasting 5 minutes is much more painful

Sure, but sometimes it’s also just fun to fool around a little bit :D