The maus

There always some vehicles that can pen higher BR vehicles, that doesn’t mean anything.
90% of lower BR tanks struggle to go pen a Maus even from the side unless it’s the angle is lower than 30°.

It also has 6 crews. So rounds that aren’t APHE will often require quite a lot of hits to destroy it.

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I don’t see the point of hiding the Maus in the first place. “It doesn’t fit WT” just doesn’t cut the mustard. Just leave it in the game for everyone to enjoy.

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Everyone can still get it. I am glad that they didnt just remove it.

Only when Gaijin allow people to get it. It can’t be grinded at will in the TT anymore.

True but it is every year at the same time. At most, you would have to wait 1 year.

When the time comes, we will have 100% germany team and sometimes 6 Mauses in one team bro

it is their annual migration


I am sorry but that is a issue on your end, some tanks yeah the BR is not what I would like it to be, but you have to realize that the Maus at 7.7 is perfectly competitive. Yes, many tanks can kill it pretty easily, but you need to learn how to play a tank, not just complain about where it sits, War Thunder is a game where you need to learn to adapt and overcome issues you have. I barley have 1000hrs in the game and I am still a noob, you just need to play over and over, look at what other people do that do well, watch the kill cam on how you got shot and over time you learn how to play said vehicle in this case the Maus. I am unaware of how you play it, but do not rely on its armor it can definetly bounce but the best way to play it is with other teammates or in a squad. In real-life it also would not go alone it would have support vehicles next to it. So please instead of complaining about it being unrealistic and whatnot learn to adapt, the BRs are going to change and you need to know how to handle it, need to know what your vehicle is capable of and use it to your advantage. PS sorry for my poor writing


Maus can move up to 8.0. Skill issue ~ play it like a WOT heavy tank and prevent pens in the first place. Positioning is leagues more important than anything else for Maus.

That’s easier than said. When some vehicles are at 8.0->8.3 and vehicles that get down tiered can effectively pen it. So I don’t know what you are smoking.

What the fuck

7.0 is way too low and even 7.3 is very questionable but it would be better if it got it’s reload shortened.

Because unfortunately the days of teamwork are over, it is every man for himself and people complain when they encounter certain vehicles which can do something they cannot, even if they have tradeoff with some other advantage.

I agree the mouse could go down to 7.3 but it does get 6.7/7/0 half the time i find, but i have not played it much.

How about we move Maus 1 BR down but give it something like 500 SP spawn cost? Same for the E-100 and other superheavy tanks/SPGs.


if the Maus would be american or soviet it would be 7.0 / 7.3 long time ago.
just compared the BR of the Wiesel with 40mm pen at 7.3 to other 20 mm cannon light tanks / Spaas of other nations…its overtiered like the wiesel for no reason than being a german vehicle.

i oneshot the maus with the m109. not to mention how easy it is to kill it with bombs (even with 100 kg bombs)

Frankly? This is very good advice as a rule of thumb, but I’ve also had memorable matches with it at 8.7. So much stuff you can wreck with the coax.

I honestly believe, given the nonexistent mobility of the Maus, that maps are way more important than BRs in deciding whether to spawn it or not. On some maps it’s simply not worth it even in a full downtier. On some maps you can do damage even in a full uptier.

You’re right since it’s technically not a pen, but a shot from a G6 to the turret face will kill it instantly. I’ve done it before and it’s reliable.

The question is, does the Maus have much better armour than the Jagdtiger? If not then it really is no justification for it to be 3 BR brackets higher. Typically having a turret might justify bumping up 1 BR bracket compared to a tank destroy with similar features. If it has some extra utility like the extra cannon, maybe 2. But 3 is just ridiculous.