The maus

For the attention of Gaijin, I’d like them to reconsider the battle rating of the MAUS

The MAUS does not belong in a game where opposing vehicles have rounds that are far more advanced, for a tank that is as heavily armed and armored as the MAUS it doesn’t make any sense that it can be knocked out in one shot. I remember as I’m sure other MAUS players do when it used to be a powerful feared tank on the battlefield and the opposing team had to actually work together as a team in order to take the MAUS down now it can be destroyed in one shot. It doesn’t completely feel like a heavily armed and armored vehicle, but more out of place a shadow of its former self easily knocked out.

The realistic battle rating I proposed that the MAUS should be moved to is 7.0 where it won’t get uptead to unfairly and face as many vehicles with ATGM’s, helicopters or tanks with more advanced rounds and for arcade battles, I suggest it should be moved to battle Rating 7.3

The MAUS was produced near the end of WW2, a ridiculously sized and heavy vehicle. There was only two of them ever made and one of them wasn’t even assembled, the Russians tried to destroy 1 of them just to see if they could destroy it, the body from 1 and turret from the other, combined it to make a complete MAUS working or not I don’t know but I’m guessing it could have been made to run if wanted. The remaining result now sits in the back left corner of a Russian tank museum gutted like a fish.

I do feel that the MAUS is getting unfairly uptead where it is out of place In a match with other vehicles where it does not belong In a game where one shot from a far more advance vehicle can eliminate all six crew members of them MAUS, so again my recommendation for giving the MAUS a different realistic battle rating is s 7.0. and again for arcade battles, I suggest battle Rating 7.3

I suspect this is something that’s been spoken about on the forums many times before and I suspect. responses are going to be something like, it should not be moved and here’s many reasons of why but it would be more realistic because war thunder is supposed to be a realistic Battle simulator, simulating how all of these vehicles, air and ground, air and sea interact with one another as well as offering a great deal of history and education about all the vehicles.


Problem with the maus is if you move to to 7.0 legit nothing will be able to reliably pen it

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7.3 would honestly be fine, but you could also buff its reload speed (i remember seeing something about the 128mm reloading in ~15s irl?)

Placing the MAUS at 7.3 means 6.7 tanks would face it much more commonly.

At 7.7 it is consistently placed at a BR Range where every player will have access to ammunition which can penetrate it as this is required balance for all vehicles in War Thunder.

The only time the MAUS performs poorly is when it’s bumped to 8.7 but that’s the current BR range 8.7 is just immensely better than the BRs under it.

MAUS is fine where it is, just check the scoreboard and see if someone is in an 8.3 / 8.7 tank, if they are don’t take it out.

It’s a toy, it’s not a tech tree vehicle.


How about no. Seriously way too many people take the whole realistic thing way too seriously, literally the FAQ on the normal war thunder website asking about what is war thunder says

“War Thunder is the largest free-to-play multiplayer online game featuring military vehicles from the early 20th century until present time. Aviation, ground vehicles, and naval forces fight together in one game and even in one battle, just as the real-life battles were fought. The appearance and characteristics of the vehicles in War Thunder are historically accurate, and their damage models are physically based.”

It does not straight out say that matchmaking is absolutely historical though that died a few years ago. The closest thing to that sort of thing is simulator battles however that isn’t genuinely realistic, however war thunder as a game prioritizes balancing more than absolute historical accuracy. Also saying war thunder offers a great deal of history and education, sure war thunder can be full of that however going by that standard it would be historical then to remove the Maus outright since in real life it never fought anything, that’s the problem when you are trying to argue the game should be historically accurate since going by the standards of it being educational that’s what should happen, as well as that any reliability issues should be modeled for all vehicles in the game which I bet only the most insane of players would want.

The Maus has always been a vehicle which gaijin has considered hard to balance for good reason because in a downtier its a nightmare to have to kill but in a uptier its more like it rolls over and dies, which is natural really for any vehicle in a uptier if you look at it. The whole Br decompression they last did was what was hoped to result in revitalizing heavy tanks by separating a bunch of Cold War vehicles away from more world war 2 vehicles per say and what resulted in many 7.7 tanks going to 8.0 and compressing the br range around 8.7. That being said the br range bellow the Maus has in no way changed so literally all the same issues you would have had if you lowered its br before the br decompression are no different. The issue is not the battle rating of the Maus but the fact of the battle rating of far more vehicles which decompressed br’s around that area, moving the Maus solely down will only make a single vehicle slightly better in an uptier but a pain to kill even more in a down tier while many more vehicles still have to deal with the major gap in capability and that is asking for people to spam the Maus like the Object 279 currently is, and since gaijin states that they balance vehicles based on how they perform in the game, so if that were to happen it would get you back to square one.

I do sympathies with the idea that it probably isn’t doing as well because of the br changes but moving the br of the Maus is just pushing the problem somewhere else which isn’t a solution because lower br vehicles will struggle and it won’t solve an overall issue that causes problems that affects far more vehicles than just the Maus.


Maus’s BR is perfect at 7.7, the decompression that occurred made it perfectly competitive.

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there are more HEAT slingers now at BR ~6-7 than there were back in 2019 when they removed the maus i hope you realise that
it’s a super heavy tank, and it should feel like one. you still have the huge issue of CAS and pro tip: you don’t have to engage everything you see
so if you see something you can’t pen, disengage. it’s not like the maus is gonna catch you


There’s a ton of heatfs, APDS, APFSDS, ATGMs and it overpressure easily as well.

That isn’t true with many vehicles that could still take the MAUS at that battle rating, Never mind the dozens of planes was the Hundreds if not thousands of kg worth of bombs that could be dropped.
But for ground vehicles, let’s start with America M60 M103 T54E1 T114

German line ModdaA1 SPZ BMP-1 M48A2C Leopard, 1 Weasel RakPz 2 Raketenautoma

And that’s just two tech trees there are many vehicles between the battle Rating between seven and eight that could take on the MAUS especially while teaming up.

Maus should never share the same BR as IS-3.

I was thinking it was 7.0 or 7.3 but 7.3 might make a bit more sense.

I did before posting the post originally have 7.0 and 7.3 as suggestions but eventually I just chose 7.0 as that felt closer to the vehicles that it would have realistically been with and facing.

I should reply to my own post by saying, it definitely needs to come down in battle rating maybe not as low as 7.O but at the very least 7.3 I did originally have 7.3 in my post as a suggestion, but I removed it and just went with 7.0 so all those in favor of 7.3 say aye.

You can’t balance War Thunder off of historical time periods you have to go by the technology

Otherwise you’d see Panthers fighting M4 shermans with 75mms

Also in real life the MAUS was never used in combat and if it was tried it would have destroyed the roads it cross / bridges making it functionally useless

Not to mention it’s just asking for a 1000lb bomb just like it is ingame

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Only option for it to be moved about is if the BRs were spread out more after making 15-20 be top BR, and shuffle everything about to suit their BRs.

In my opinion, if he stayed on 7.7 and block him uptier, up to 8.0 the problem would disappear, of course, if you took any other vehicle, it would already be able to get an uptier.


That works too

And this is why it was removed. It cant go down because of balance for everyone else it woulf face. It is playable at its br. It’s just not practical on every map or situation, that’s why we have lineups


How many 6.3 could take it on? Doesn’t matter as long as you feel invincible right?

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That would fix a lot of tank’s issues at a lot of BRs.