The maus

Just stop ww2 tanks from fighting anything cold war.Thats it i solved the problem :)

Nowadays with overpressure you can one shot a Maus with 6.3 artillery pieces.

I sympathise, but i feel a better solution would be: everything with fin stabilized, heat round with 300mm+ pen and all the cringe stuff, (or remove this from individual vehicles) should be placed at 11.0 so non of the war thunder enjoyers have to deal with their shit

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Hello T95

129 games arent a lot…

You’re looking at the wrong stat. 129 is the wins, 255 is the battles (in GRB only).

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This is why it was removed from the tech tree, to avoid the balancing issues.

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I honestly think it’s surprisingly balanced right now, but also at the same time, if more than a handful of people on the team decide to spawn it, it’s not going to work.

But then again… You could say the same about many tech tree vehicles.

Why are you capitalizing every letter of Maus as if its a acronym?

Maus does get smashed by 8.0-8.7s, but it also smashes 6.7s. If it was only 7.0 it would murder helpless 6.0s and the only reliable way to kill it is with bombs or a 7.7-8.0 vehicle in a lucky downtier.

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I already murder helpless tanks in the superior T95. then there is the IS3 at 7.0, T32 at 7.3.

IS-3 was moved to 7.3.

MAUS clearly is




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I would like to post that some of my information was incorrect, based on a documentary I thought I was correct but I was not I was say, half correct. The Russians did not attempt to destroy the MAUS just to see if they could the German sabotaged it from what remained the Russians got a complete MAUS.


Tips: Only bring your Maus out if it’s 140sp or 160sp initial spawn point, same with any other heavy tanks that rely on armor, unless you wanna gimp yourself and play at a disadvantage so by all means spawn when it’s 100sp and get wrecked by 8.7s. Even if you are good with 5.0 KDR you still gonna get bombed by CAS degens.

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back in the day it was top dog along with the m103 t54s/is3 and 4 and fv4202

so sad the game has been flooded with heatfs apds apfsds across half the BRs to milk the COD wallet warriors

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What are you smoking. The Maus can be penned by 6.0 vehicles like the M-51 or the m109 or 6.3 FV4005. And anything with APCR or APDS even at 6.7 can go right through the turret cheeks

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“Poor maus” I often see in game chat, or would you like a push